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Jungkook POV

It's was an ordinary day when I spotted him. I had just came back from the candy store and there he was all alone by the river, he looked so sad. After that day I would always come back to just observe him.

He would just sit there admiring his surroundings, some days he would be a little cheerful and he would play with the mud, making what I assume was mud pie.

But at night he would cry his eyes out, there were days that I wanted to go and comfort him but in the end I just stood there and watched him.

One night I heard him crying so hard that I clicked, I didn't want him to cry anymore so I ran to him.

I kneel down in front of him but he didn't notice my presence so I spoked.

" Why are you crying? "

He finally noticed me and was now staring at me, he was really cute.

He didn't answer me at all

" Stop crying, I command you to stop " I said but still not response

I then pulled him into a hug, you don't know how long I been wanting to do this. He then began to cry once again.

" shhh... It's okay " I whispered into his ear.

He then slowly got himself back together and I let go of him but I was quickly surprised, he just pulled me back to hug once again.

I couldn't help but chuckle.

" What's your name? " I asked him but I already know, I heard a lady call him before.

" I-i'm T-taehyung " he replied stuttering, he's so cute

" I'm Jungkook " I said giving my biggest smile

" I'm now your big brother " I added then I got up and made the all so famous Superman pose

Big brothers never let their little brother cry so I will be his big brother.

" but you look younger then me "

I broke my pose when I heard that and looked down at him.

" I'm 6 and you? "

" 8 "

" crap... It doesn't matter I'm still you're big brother " I said, like age doesn't matter at all.

" why?? I should be the big brother " He remarked

Nope he can't, I'm the one who most protect him.

" because you're too cute to be the big brother " it wasn't a lie, he really is too cute.

He avoided my gaze and was now staring at the ground, I took this chance to back hug him. He jumped a little but then laid his head on my chest.

Why do I feel so warm? I never want to let him go, I never want to see him cry, and I want to forever protect him.

" Tae you won't ever be alone ever again "


I'm still can't get over how cute kookie and Tae are in this story. I kinda just want to go crazy and add so much fluff but I'll try to contain myself, anyways thanks for reading!!!

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