Chapter 12: Begging, Flirting, and Dueling

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“Layla, please? I need you here.” Peter begged, he had one last chance to convince her to stay before she left, and he was really starting to wear Layla down. But she wouldn’t be Layla if she weren’t stubborn so as much as she wanted to just kiss him and agree to stay, she couldn’t.

“Peter, what use will I be here? In fact, I’ll probably just be a burden.” Layla told him softly, her hand resting against his cheek as she smiled sadly at him. He looked confused and angry then.

“Why would you think that?! You could never be a burden!” Peter asked furiously. Layla chuckled at him.

“If I’m here while you’re busy trying to fight, then what’ll you be doing?” She questioned him knowingly. He sighed.

“Trying to impress you.” He muttered as she smiled at him.

“Exactly. You’ll get cocky and lose focus. You need to focus on the duel.” As she told him this he sighed in defeat, pulled her into his arms and nuzzled his face into the crook of her neck.

“But with you gone I won’t be able to focus either, I’ll be too worried about you.” He mumbled, and Layla’s smile faltered as she noticed just how serious he was. Then she began to think. Just a week or two ago, she hated him.

So maybe hate was too strong of a word— she strongly disliked him. He had annoyed the crap out of her and he was so childish. He kept trying to hit on her, and back then she just figured it was because he thought she was a challenge to get, which she was. She saw him as this immature jerk that had no idea how to feel anything but lust, and who was controlled by testosterone.

During the time they had spent in Narnia, she had come to understand his behaviors even before she had remembered everything. He had been going through a sort of Narnia withdrawal. It must’ve been a PTSD of some sort, Layla could only imagine how horrid it would’ve been for her as well if she had left remembering everything. He had turned out to be a different person.

“Layla, it’s time.” Carissa informed her sister bringing her out of her thoughts, peeking into the makeshift bedroom the High King and his queen had shared since that first night a few days ago. Layla nodded, and Carissa disappeared allowing Layla to turn back to Peter who had pulled away and sat upon their bed, his face buried in his hands. Smiling sadly, Layla bent down and gave him a gentle kiss on top of his head.

“You don’t need to worry about me.” She told him picking up the pouch of items she had packed for the trip, “Now are you going to come see me off, or should I just—”

“No, I’m coming.” Peter grumbled running his hands through his hair as he stood up, then he took her hand in his before they made their way to the improvised stables.


Once they reached the ‘stables’, Peter and Layla stopped. Layla gave him one last smile before she began to walk away, but Peter wasn’t having it as he pulled her back, his lips meeting hers in a kiss that tried to convey all of their lost emotions for each other. When they finally pulled apart they were only a centimeter from each other, their lips still just barely touching as they caught their breaths.

“I love you.” She whispered against his lips.

“I love you too.” He muttered back with what was possibly the biggest smile Layla had ever seen him have on his face. With one last peck, he led her over to her horse, where he helped her up.

Once she and Yvainne were settled onto their horse, and Susan and Lucy were settled onto their own they prepared to set off.

“Wait!” Jared called out, running to catch them before they set off.

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