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To add a story to our campaign (I will include criteria in the next chapter), you must tag your story with our hashtag; Project-EatingDisorders.

If possible, please also add a tag on which Eating Disorder your book is about- this doesn't mean that your whole book has to be about an ED, just which one it mentions. For example, if your protagonists best friend has EDNOS, please tag your book EDNOS as well as Project-EatingDisorders.

As mentioned in, 'Writing About Eating Disorders; A Guide,' there are several things that we will not accept to be added to his campaign.

•Absolutely no triggering covers- ribs, thigh gaps, etc. are all not accepted. This campaign is here to provide safe, non-triggering books to read, and images of such things can be very triggering. If you have any questions about what would be acceptable, please PM me.

•No ED diaries. There is quite a vast array of them here on Wattpad, but they are also the opposite of what we're striving for with this project.

•No romanticism. This is a big one. Eating Disorders are not just a 'temporary thing' that the popular girl develops to lose a few kilograms so that she can fit into her prom dress. Also, they don't get better the moment somebody pecks them on the cheek. They are serious medical problems, and mental illnesses, as which they should be portrayed as.

•If there are scenes that you think could be triggering, carry out a kind act, and add a trigger warning to that chapter/section. If you want to be really nice, add a little (non-triggering) description of what happened after. *This isn't required, just requested.*

If you need some information about an Eating Disorder, we have an ongoing book for that. But always, if you're unsure of something, please PM me.

All genres are allowed in our campaign, but at least one of the characters has to have an Eating Disorder. It can be diagnosed, undiagnosed, or incorrectly diagnosed, but your writing has to reflect a few of the signs that they may have one.

In the future, I will start to work on a Reading List with recommended books that portray ED's correctly and well.

The character that has an Eating Disorder does not have to be your protagonist, or even your protag's BFF, but they must be a character that is mentioned at least twice in the book.

Whether or not your book is finished, you can add the tag. To be sure that we find it, feel free to leave me a message that you posted it. I do not need a link, but it would be best to tell me what it is called.

Please let me know of any questions or concerns that you have surrounding this.

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