Chapter Twenty-Two

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Cara's POV
I thought that gramps was dead this whole time. Atfirst I was mad at Cameron, but after seeing his reaction to gramps I felt bad for him instead.
And on top of that, Jacob is in the hospital because of suicide attempt. Why does my life have to be so fucked up? Cameron was sleeping still and I felt my phone ringing in my pocket. I slowly got up and walked out of the room before answering the call.
"Hello?" I said quietly so that he doesn't wake up.
"Good morning", Jacob said on the other side if the line in his morning voice.
"Good morning", I replied in a hushed voice while tearing up.
"I miss you and I hate the hospital food with a deep passion", he continued--causing me to giggle.
"Finally someone who knows the struggle", I replied while opening my closet door.
We continued to talk and I changed into different clothes because we were leaving for Edmonton tonight. Right now it was only 10:00am but I wanted to visit Jacob. After slipping on my black Nike roshes, I turned to the mirror and checked out what I was wearing. After lots of changing, I finally settled on my Adidas track pants, Adidas black long sleeve sweater crop top, and my roshes.
Jacob continued to tell me about the weird things his nurses do as I tied my hair into a messy bun.
Wait, how am I supposed to get there? I quietly went down the stairs to grab some breakfast and figure this out. I walked into the kitchen, deep in thought, when I heard sizzling and looked up. Jack was cooking some eggs shirtless and was really focused not to mess up in any way. My face lit up and I sat on the counter right behind him after grabbing a water bottle. I hung up the call and was now texting Nash about what went down yesterday with Cameron and his dad. Skylnn started to send me selfie of her and Hayes making funny faces which made me laugh. I heard the burner click off and Jack's footsteps, but ignored it. I hopped off the counter, still texting the both of them, and sat down on one of the chairs. It was super quiet so I looked up and saw Jack staring at me sideways while leaning against the fridge door. I gave him a questioning look and he pushed a plate of food infront of me.
"I was gonna suggest going out for breakfast but you think I do it to show off my money", he said and I glared at him.
""Could you drive me to the hospital to see Jacob?" I asked while hugging him.
He stopped leaning against the fridge and hugged me back before replying,"Anything for you", under kissing my cheek.
He grabbed his keys and we got in his car.
"I'm gonna go chill with Cameron so call me when your done", he said before I left the car. Me and Jacob caught up on things. We were in the middle of laughing when I got a text from Cameron.
Cameron: Come home NOW because we need to talk about what I found in the box just delivered to our house. You need to start explaining why I'm looking at this right now...
At first I was confused, but then the blood rushed out of me when I remembered what I did.
"What's wrong?" Jacob asked while sitting up.
I cleared my throat and answered while staring at my phone still,"Uhm nothing."
"Look I Uhm need to go back home but talk soon? Hopefully", I said while rushing out and whispering the last part.
Cameron's POV
Jack informed me that he just drove Cara to the hospital. I looked over at the counter and saw a plate if eggs sitting there which immediately made me upset. Cara has been avoiding eating for the past few days, and keeps pushing the topic away. The doorbell snapped me out of my thoughts and I saw a guy standing out there.
"package for--" I cut him off by opening the door and quickly signing the papers. I was waiting for this for a long time so I can surprise Cara. Last week I ordered her name certificate that is now Madison Cara Dallas. My face lit up as I grabbed my exacto knife to open it, but stopped when I saw that the box was addressed to Cara. I curiously ripped it open and my face dropped when I saw what was inside the box. I thought she stopped a while ago? I looked down in disappointment because I failed at keeping her away from reaching this point again. I pulled out my phone and called a therapist and scheduled an appointment in Edmonton for tomorrow. Jack walked in and stared between me and the box in confusion before putting the puzzle pieces together. I tested Cara to come home Asap because we needed to talk about how she actually is feeling, and why there was a box of different sized blades being delivered to under her name?

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