A Not So Happy Birthday

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"Mrs.Pines? Are you sure those are just twins?" Asked the nurse as she observed the strangely large stomach.

"I'm sure, the doctor scan- AHHHH!" Mrs.Pines screamed out as she clutched her swollen belly. Liquid slides down her leg and soaked her jeans as her husband caught her from hitting the floor.

Orders were shouted and she was hoisted into a wheelchair and sped down the hallway to a delivery room. They had come for a simple check up, the babies weren't due for another few weeks!

They got her prepared and she was ready for birth all too soon. As the first one came out the doctor and nurses stared at it in bewilderment. It was a baby boy but he had the body of a deer! He quickly gave the strange child to the nurse and started on the girl. When she came out she was like her brother but with a fish tail. He had never seen anything like this in all his 30 years of child birth!

"M-may I s-see my children?" Mrs.Pines asked in between her labored breathing and hiccups.

"You might not want to just yet....there was a slight issue." The doctor said somberly.

"What! Are my babies ok!?" She looked frantically to her husband. He looked equally as frantic and confused as she.

"The children are fine! They just seem to have been born into a.... different breed.." The doctor said carefully.

They were shown the strange children and their fears came true. They were hoping the gene would skip their generation but they weren't that lucky. After the twins and their bitter parents went home the immediately made plans to ship them to their great uncle Stan. They children were a disgrace! They were a dirty reminder of the past that was left behind. They needed to go.

They contacted the old man and told him the were giving the "disgusting" and "disappointing" kids to him. He wad offended and angered over how they acted and wanted the children to be there as soon as possible so he agreed to fly to them and get them.

~Gravity Falls~

"This is an emergency! Wendy, get baby supplies stat, Soos! Get the attic cleaned out!" Grunkle yelled around flapping around getting ready.

"What's this all about?" Asked Wendy getting her bag.

"My grand niece and nephew are being sent here. They carried over the 'monster' gene and their parents don't want them!" Stan said in a tone of calm fury.

Wendy and Soos nodded and got to work as Stan flew at great speeds to get his family. The whole way there he thought of names and personalities. He was honestly excited. He hadn't been this happy in a while and he felt amazing! He still felt anger at his 'family' but he'd deal with them later. For now, he needed to worry about the children.

~After a long time of flying~

Stan had made it there at night and knocked sternly on the door. He was greeted by a distraught face that Stan quickly pushed past and walked around till he found dual baby seats with small deertaur in one seat and a small mermaid in a large fish bowl in the other. They look sad and degraded. By know they could probably understand what was being said to- no about them.

"You're the disappointments. Not them" He said and gathered what baby supplies they had. "Don't, under any circumstance, try to talk with them. EVER!" He roared at the offended and frightened couple. He picked up the children and flew out into the night.

It took awhile to reach the Shack but when he did it was all set up for the newborns. Though they had aged up to look a few months old by now. Hybrids aged and learned quickly. Then plateau and age at a more normal pace ounce they reach the age of 12.

"They're cuties!" Soos goopyly smiled as they two slept. Mabel had a large aquarium and was asleep in the sand by the glass. On the other side in a pile of blankets slept Dipper. Stan had named them on the way. Dipper, because of his birthmark and Mabel just fit with Dipper.

"Let them sleep. By tomorrow, they'll be up and will be talking. Let them be calm for tonight" Stan said and left the two to sleep with Wendy and Soos close behind.


HEYO! Did you like this first installment? No? Well, I loved it! This is going to go by my current knowledge of the show so please bare with me! Also, I try to post daily or every other day! Thanks for the read!

Much Love, Goddess

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