Chapter 8

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A/N ok so i know that last chapter was pretty confusing.. E:

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Marinettes POV

Memory Lost

There were the words that haunted Marinette since the day the doctor said it.

Peaces of Adrien's mind.


Memorys of her.


Kisses and Hugs.

All of it gone.

The Doctor had tried to reassure her that there was a possibility that it would all return.

But Marinette knew better.

It was all Gone.

Although most of her hope for the return of his memory had fled, she still believed that maybe just maybe there was the smallest possibility that he remembered her.

As soon as Ayla said Adrien did not remember her. They moved Marinette to another room. AS she left him she could hear his shouts of confusion.

Marinette was home now, still not healed, but she was in her home.

The doctors said it would not just help her heal fiscally, but also mentally.

She hadn't seen him since she left.

The last thing he said to her was her name;


This is were she held her hope, that small little light that had lead her threw this dark time.

Ladybug and ChatNoir hadn't made a appearance.

HawkMoth was still out there.

Akumas were everywhere.

but there was nothing she could do.

People thought that there super hero's had fled them. Left them to these Akumas.

White Butterflys

Purple Butterflys

People's screams for there hero's.



Noels POV (My OC)

Life had been busy since ChatNoir and Ladybug got hurt.

There was a lot to cover for.

Noel and her friend Ellayne were miraculous holders.

She was Bozen Ter

Ellayne was Dragona

They started to catch the akumas 1 week after they broke into the hospital to see chatnoir and ladybug

When things got a little out of hand.

Of course LadyBug was the only one who could make the purple white again.

But Dragona could contain the butterflies in her Quiver.

So they Fought the Akumas.

They found out who LadyBug and Chat noir were from this turtle dude, he said this was a urgent time and great measures were to become. (Im sorry I can't English)

And they waited for Adrien/ ChatNoir and Marinette/ LadyBug to heal.

and Waited..

and Waited..

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