~~Bailey's P.O.V~~

"Are you going to call him?” Zoe asked me impatiently. I got Sam Pepper’s number yesterday and he told me to call whenever, but did the really mean to call whenever.

“Not yet!” I protest, biting my bottom lip roughly.

“But the twins tweeted out that they wanted to hang out with me since they finished their collab with Sam!” Zoe pouted.

“I’m still in my pajamas for God’s sake!” I groan loudly.

“Go take a shower, I’ll take one after you.” Zoe demands. I agree and pull out my peach lace bow crop top and Hollister short shorts.

Once in the shower, the hot water massaging my shoulder blades, I start to wonder if I should call Sam.

He’s cute an obviously, funny. I bet he’s a sweetheart too. Why am I so nervous to call him though? I ponder on that question while I massage my scalp.

I rinse off the soapsuds and the conditioner from my hair while I decided that I was going to call Sam. I dry off and put on my crop top and shorts, exiting the steamy bathroom into the freezing hotel room. Once I made it to Zoe, she simply smirked and giggled, “Nice outfit. Oh, by the way, you and Sam are going to meet up at Wal-Mart in half an hour.”

She dropped my phone in front of me, causing my to huff, that action making my bellybutton charm swing.

“I was going to do that myself!” I cry to Zoe loudly.


~~Sam’s P.O.V~~

            Zoe suggested the idea of Bailey and I doing the Smoothie Challenge. I was game for it and Zoe claimed that Bailey would be too. That’s why I’m waiting outside of a Wal-Mart, trying not to seem too anxious to see Bailey.

            I immediately spotted Zoe, who was walking next to Bailey. My heart dropped. I haven’t even really known Bailey, but have you ever had the feeling that you really liked someone by looking at him or her? That’s me at the moment.

            Bailey was in a tiny top and fucking tiny ass shorts, showing off her slender body. Talk about hot. My eyes froze on a small silver sun charm swinging with her hips. She had a bellybutton ring.

            This girl was hot. A starfish necklace rested on her collarbone and a smirk on her lips when I realized that she caught me staring. To top of her look, a black beanie rested on her head.

            “Hey,” I breathe out once they were closer.

            “Sam, be nice to my Bailey,” Zoe teased. Bailey rolled her eyes, “Zoe,”

            “No! I want a report on everything he did when you are done! Ok?” Zoe declared, raising an eyebrow at Bailey.

            “Ok,” Bailey sighed. I tried hard not to laugh at the two of them and Zoe punches my shoulder lightly.

            “See ‘ya Sam! Bye Bay,”

            “Bye Zoe,” Bailey and I say in union. Once Zoe was out of our sight, Bailey turns to me, a smirk back on her face.

            “Don’t I look good, Mr. Pepper?” She taunted.



~~Bailey’s P.O.V~~

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