Chapter 12, Dead.

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Your father stabbed you.

You thought you stabbed yourself, you did, he just made it worse. Cutting out your heart.

I can see it now. Lying by your body.

Is that what happened to me?

Did you cut me up too? Or was that Piper?

You weren't ignoring me before, you were just slowly, painfully dying, just like you deserved because now.....

Your dead Willow.

Dead like all of us.

Now you face the demons.

Now you face me.

Just like Piper did all those years ago. You see, she killed herself Willow. Whereas you, well you decided to run. Live with the horror of what you did.

You deserve every last spec of pain done to you.

And I will stand and watch. I'll watch as the demons kill you over and over again. Because after all you killed many people, sliced up their bodies. So now they seek revenge, proper revenge. 

Prepare yourself for hell because any second you'll be thrown into the lava.

You can't fully die here Willow, you are brought back to life again. Placed back in the lava to die again.

Brace yourself for the horrors within.

Good Luck.


I open my eyes to see blackness surrounding me. Howling and screaming bounces off the air beside me making the hairs up my arms stand on end.

I'm dead.

Does anyone know?

And then there's claws tearing at my skin. Blood gushes down my arms and legs. I try to scream.

"HELP!" I try but my lips don't move. 

Horrified, I grip my mouth or where it was. All my bloody fingers touch is cold, hard, skin.

Where's my mouth? What's happening to me?

Your dead Will, as dead as me!" Harpers smirks.

A hand grips my shoulder and spins me round. Harper stands before me in the same clothes she was wearing from back in the woods. She smiles cruely.

"Poor Willow, don't worry, I'll ask the....demons to be kind to you."

I try to push her away but someone has ripped my arm off. I'm standing in a deep pool of my own blood. Tears are streaming down my cheeks, or is that blood?

"There, there, why don't we go see Piper, I know she's been dying to see you!"

Her boney fingers dig into my skin, forcing me to walk forward towards the large hole in the floor.

"Just look over the edge and you'll see her."

I peer over. Lava runs down black rocks. Then there's the shadows, filled with red eyes, waiting for their next meal.

Then I see her, lying at the very bottom. She has no arms or legs and her mouth has also been removed. Suddenly the shadow creatures start to move towards her. She sees them and trys to wriggle away. They pounce on her, wripping away her flesh. It is awful. I try to close my eyes but I can't, it's like someone's pulling them open again.

My eyes are like a tsunami of tears. I can't watch but Harper is making me.

Then Piper's gone. Her bones the only thing left. I try to turn but my feet are stuck to the floor.

"Was that enough?" Harper sneers.

I nod my head furiously. 

 "Oh well too bad, your turn!!!" She shrieks, laughing hysterically.

Suddenly her hands are on my back. NO! 

Then I'm falling.

Down and down.

Closer and closer to the demons waiting in the shadows.


And then my eyes open, and I see Day.

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