"Do you love me?"

"No, it's too dangerous."

"Then what are we?"


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Adley Oviya Faye. Some may say that your name does not represent who you are, I completely disagree. 

My name is Adley, if you couldn't tell already. Ever since I was a young girl my mother and father have stressed the importance of; attending church; being educated; and being confident. 

Well, my parents are not that creative because my name means exactly what they believe in. Adley means "God is Just" and Faye means "Confidence and Loyalty" but Oviya, well I love that name. It's like my parents knew that I would be a artist, because Oviya means, "Beautiful Painting". 

However I did not always love my name. Way back when I was in reception school, I renamed myself. Yes I gave myself a completely new name. It was Lizzie, as in Lizzie Mcguire. It was my favorite show and all of the other girls favorite too, so I thought that if that my name was Lizzie they would play with me at recess. Cliche, I know just remember I was five.  

That lie worked for about a week, and then my stupid teacher called my mom and told her after I refused to tell the class the truth. I even tried to bribe the teacher with the money I took from my brothers piggy bank. When I finally told the class the truth they laughed at me and called me names that kids that age should really not know. 

So my advice to you, is to never tell a lie while your attending school because it will stick with you. After that I had no friends year 2 through 4, until I met my best friend Jessa. 

We were polar opposites, I like painting. It is how I escape my everyday life and go into what I call "My Happy Place" where anything is possible. Jessa on the other hand enjoys, shopping and piling tons of makeup onto her face. She's actually really good at it.

Now before you jump to conclusions. No I am not a quiet, shy 18 year old church girl, who gets perfect grades. I am a confident, church goer, who excels in academics, but I am no angel. 

I have done drugs, drank alcohol , and slept with guys, not a lot but some. I'm in high school what do you expect? 

And no, I am not an addict, I've done drugs once or twice but nothing more and I did not find it enjoyable.

So that's me. An 18 year old confident, smart, church girl who escapes the hardships of everyday life by painting. 

My life was normal, and I was happy, that was until I got involved with him. Everyone warned me, "Stay away, he's trouble." "You don't want to get involved with him." But I'm also very stubborn so I didn't listen and now I'm wishing my mom would have kept her stubborn genes, because I wish I would have never got involved with him, Harry. 

My hair hasn't been washed in weeks, my teeth feel like they could fall out at any second, and my small fragile body has lost excessive amounts of blood. The cold concrete floors are slowly ruining my back and I haven't eaten in days. 

They are torturing me, and no one cares about where I am, the man who I thought loved me has made it clear he does not care for me. I'm alone on the verge of death. 

The rusted old gate rattles and I know what is to come, the sound of the whip sends chills down my spine. I call out one last cry for help, in hope he will save me. 


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AH, first chapter. I can't wait to start writing this book! Soon, once Two Am is over, that book is about to get intense and I'm so excited. Okay well hope you all liked the first chapter of 'Acquainted'. The cover I picked was made by sofia_oliver! Thank you to all who sent in I love you all so much!! BYE BITCHES!!-Olivia

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