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“DeAndre” Dre replied with a smirk.

“Hell to the naw” Ant said before taking the ball and dribbling down the court.

He liked her. Don’t ask him when or how it happened, it just crept up on him somehow. Was it her smile, her laugh, her mind? Her curves? He never thought that he was the type that would be attracted to a curvy woman but that all changed when he met her. She felt soft to his touch and he just wanted to cuddle with her and talk about everything and yet nothing at all. Was it her smell? She always smelled good, like flowers or something feminine. Not the overbearing smell of some perfumes. Her eyes…she had beautiful almond shaped eyes. And those lips…

‘Man this is too much’ he thought as he got up to join Ant on the court. He just needed some time to get over whatever he was feeling, that’s all.


“Thank you Brian” Azania said before she got out of the car to give Amber and her man some privacy.

“You’re welcome Azania” he replied with his usual shy smile.

They were spending the day at the Spa, curtesy of Brian. Amber had definitely found a good man in Brian. What man do you know not only spoils his woman but also her friend on an extravagant day at the Spa? None that she had ever come across. And everyone knows that a day at The Agatha did not come with a cheap price tag. They were getting their nails done, feet done, hair done, face done, there was not a spot on their bodies that would not get done today.

She didn’t have perfect skin, some blackheads were making their appearance on her forehead so she was definitely getting a facial to remedy that. There would be no Botox or anything like that for her. She believed in aging gracefully. At thirty years old, she wanted to look like a thirty year old. A well-kept thirty year old. There’s no need to compete with twenty five year olds.

“Sorry to keep you waiting Zaza!” Amber said before pulling her into a hug.

“It has only been a minute” Azania replied when Amber finally released her. They were making their way towards the reception area. “I didn’t want to watch you and Brian slobbering all over each other.”

“Girl please, I was just taking care of home. I don’t want Brian to even think about any other woman but me.”

“That man worships the ground that you do your cat walk on, he ain’t thinking about any woman but you.”

“That’s because I slobber on him so good” Amber winked before turning to the receptionist. “Hi we are here for the Houston reservation.”

“Oh yes” the friendly receptionist replied. “We have been expecting you Mrs. Houston. Right this way.”

Azania was in awe of the place. The Agatha was breathtakingly beautiful. It was located near a mountain outside the city. A manmade waterfall which ran from the mountain was beautifully incorporated with the Spa. Everything just flowed. Lush green plants and palm trees were scattered all over and the floor which was not covered with the wooden path that they were walking on, was covered with beautiful white desert sand. This was paradise.

“This place is beautiful!” Azania shrieked when they were finally left alone in the changing room. They were handed white silk gowns with a golden rope like belt to change into and golden slippers.

“Yes and we are going to get our money’s worth. I’m not leaving this place until my skin feels like a new born baby’s!” Amber said before they walked out of the changing room.

It has been a while since Azania felt this good. Her skin glowed and felt buttery soft. They had gotten every inch of their bodies pampered and were now getting their manicure and pedicure.

“I owe you and Brian the biggest wedding present ever” Azania said. She was reclining in the chair with her eyes closed while waiting for the nail polish to dry.

“You don’t owe us nothing, this is what friends are for.”

“I definitely need more friends like you Mrs. Houston.”

“Not yet but I can’t wait until the day I am officially Mrs. Houston” Amber sighed. They had not set a wedding date as yet. “Brian is so good to me Azania. How did I get so lucky?”

“That’s what I also want to know because all I end up with are these scrubs” she joked. Azania was at a good place, she could honestly say that she was happy for her friend despite her own situation. “You deserve it Amb, don’t for one moment think otherwise.”

“And you deserve some happiness of your own.”

She still has not told Amber about DeAndre. She was not ready to talk about it yet. It has been a while since she last saw him, eight weeks and three days to be exact. Not that she was counting. Everything that had to do with business, she communicated with his business partner Anthwan. Right now they were just waiting for approval from the city council before they could demolish the old building and start with the new one. These things took forever.

“All in God’s timing child.” That was the best possible answer that she could give at this moment.

Before Amber could reply, her phone rang and she got caught up in a conversation with Brian.

Her thoughts drifted to DeAndre. She missed him. His laugh, his smile, those arms as he held her…and those kisses. She just missed talking to him period. Many times she wanted to pick up the phone and call him. Call him to say whatever would get them back at a good place. But what place would that be because she was already way over her head with her feelings. She already cared too much. She couldn’t handle a casual affair with him. Her heart would not let her. Those casual kisses were killing her, she wanted more than his temporary affection. And since she can’t have what she wanted, she would play pretend and smile. Smile like she was Tamia because right now that was her situation. She had been playing pretend for so long until she believed her own lie. The lie that she was not looking for love. She was afraid.  Somehow she just never got the happy ending that she so badly desired.


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