Chapter 30- Shower

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Chapter 30- Shower

I wake up, screaming. "No! Please, no! Don't!" I scream as loud as my lungs can. The door of the room I am in bursts open and Dylan runs in, pulling me straight into a hug.

It's only then that I realize I'm in his room, in his bed. I let out a sigh of relief as tears fall down my cheeks. I don't know if that stranger did anything to me. 

Dylan holds me tight in his arms, running a hand through my hair, making me feel safer. "W-what happened?" I whisper.

"You got drugged at the party last night, I don't know what you drank. Uh, you called me and so I searched everywhere for you. When I finally found you, that guy had almost fully undressed you and you were unconscious. I called a few guys that were close by because I knew I couldn't take the guy alone and they helped me beat the shit out if that guy. I-I may have changed you but that was just so you didn't have to stay in your underwear when I carried you out the party. Um, after that I just brought you here and I let you stay in my bed. That's basically it." he explains, not letting go of me.

"You want me to bring you food? It's already six in the evening?" Dylan asks and I nod.

He leaves me alone in the room and I sit up, keeping Dylan's blankets over me. Thank God Dylan was there, I am so glad I called him, he saved my life before and now this. I owe him big time. He doesn't need to know that though...

Dylan walks back into the room a while later with a bag full of McDonald's. He gives the bag to me and there is burgers, chicken nuggets, a milkshake and a McFlurry. I smile at Dylan and he smiles back at me, getting under the sheets of his bed with me.

I pull out the McFlurry first and start eating it. Like Jaques Torres says, "Life is short, eating dessert first."

"So what do you want to do? Do you want to go home or...?" Dylan asks. "Um, could I stay here, my parents are away for a work trip and I honestly don't feel safe alone." I feel safe with you.

Dylan nods and I softly smile, leaning my head on his shoulder, "Thank you." I whisper. "Do you... Want to use my shower?" he asks and I nod gratefully. He gives me a plain white top of his and another one of his Calvin Klein boxers.

I rush into the bathroom and get in the shower, scrubbing every inch of my body. I feel so gross, like I have just come back from camping for three years with no soap. I just feel gross and weird.

Once every part of my body is clean, I standing under the water with my eyes closed and smile.

Dylan is amazing. I can't believe he saved me. I don't know what could have really happened to me. I could have been taken to some strange place with him and locked away forever where no one would find me.

I switch off the shower and dry myself then change into Dylan's cloths and walk out of the bathroom.

I walk out the bathroom to see Dylan sitting on his bed and playing with his guitar. He hasn't noticed me walk in and he strums his fingers across the strings. Ugh, even his fingers are beautiful.

Dylan looks up at me and smiles then puts the guitar to the side of the bed, leaning it against his bed side table.

He stands up and walks towards me, hugging me tightly again. Dylan has changed too, he is wearing a pair of boxers.

That's it.

Oh gosh, this cant be good for my health.

He smells so good, like his cologne that I absolutely love. Dylan pulls away from me and leads me to the bed, getting me under the covers and then sliding in with me.

"You are fine sleeping with me right?" Dylan asks, "You can sleep in the guest rooms if you feel uncomfortable." he says and I shake my head.

"It's okay, I'd rather sleep here but could you maybe play the guitar for me?" I ask, lying down on one of Dylan's pillows and turning to face him.

"Of course." he whispers, picking up his guitar and placing it in his lap. He starts playing the beat for All of me by John Legend. He starts singing the lyrics along with the music and my eyes slowly shot, falling asleep.

"You're my end and my beginning.
Even when I lose I'm winning.
'Cause I give you all of me,
and you give me all of you, oh oh."


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