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The following morning Emilio had gathered people who were qualified for the position of a PA that would be interested in having an interview with Mr. Addonizio.

In the waiting room of the top floor sat five individuals. Two of whom were current interns hoping to land the high paid position in the building.

Emilio ringed for Mr. Addonizio and told him that the first one to interview would arrive shortly into his office.

A tall and gorgeous blonde stood up when her name was called by Emilio. She tugged at the hem of her shirt and adjusted it so it was back to its full length. Her three-inch heels clacked as she walked to the doors of her current boss. She had been an intern at Addonizio Inc. for about three months and landing this position would be a step in the right direction in her career plan.

She gave a firm knock on the large wooden door and waited to be allowed in. When her boss from the other side said to come in she opened the door and shut it after she had entered.

At the large mahogany desk sat the handsome Alessio Addonizio. She had never personly see or met him so it had her starstruck to finally land her eyes on the person who all her female colleagues talked about as if he were the king of the world who deserved to be bowed down to. She now understood why he was always their favorite office gossip.

The young intern straightened her back and gripped her resume a tad bit tighter. She slowly walked to the front of Mr. Addonizio's desk and waited for his allowing to sit down. When she was given it she did as told and took a seat.

"Ophelia Fuentes, am I correct?" Alessio asked as he stared at the blonde beauty who's eyes were anywhere but on him. A sly smirk worked its way across his lips as he knew he intimated her. When she heard her name though her honey eyes lifted to stare at Alessio's own dark and brooding ones.

He took in all of her smooth features not minding the view at all he continued to stare at her earning himself a faint blush to mark her cheeks.

"Yes, that's me," Ophelia responded. She placed her resume on the surface of the desk and Alessio took it and opened it.

"Your only twenty-two?" He asked shocked that she was so young. Too young he told himself as images of him taking her on his desk flashed across his head. She tempted him in ways he didn't think possible by just having her glance at him. He was becoming intoxicated with her sweet and soft stare.

Alessio soon realized he had zoned out and the Ophelia was currently saying something but he hadn't caught anything of what she had spoken.

"What?" He blatantly asked as he internally shook all of the thoughts out of his head.

Ophelia gave him a questioning look wondering what had been his subject of distraction. As she had been saying earlier she repeated herself once more for her boss to hear.

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