Part 1~New High school

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Y/n's POV
Today was the first day of my new highschool. I just moved to California recently for a college that I wanted to go to. Its just me living alone no parents...yes! I'm done getting ready so I grab my keys and go into my matteblack g-swagon. I ask siri for the directions to my new school and start to drive and follow. I arrived at the school and I find a parking spot. I start to walk towards the school. It's not that far of a walk. Im in the building and look the hell am I supposed to find the office in this maze? I have a paper that I was given of the school map. I get it out and I start walking and I bump I to someone. "Sorry!" I say as I look up. Oh geez.. "It's okay" the guy says. He's so cute..but he has a girlfriend I can see. Judging by the way that she's holding him. "Wait..aren't you the new girl here?" I nod my head holding my paper. "Here I'll take you to the office to get your schedule-" he gets cut off by his girlfriend hitting him on the arm. "Babe its fine don't overreact Im just helping her out." He says. I guessed correctly, it is his girlfriend. She she scoffs and rolls her eyes then walks away. I look at her and she walks of with some other guy. Wow not even gonna say anything I could tell that they don't care for each other at the moment."Sorry bout that." He says. "Its fine." I say. "She gets really jealous when I'm around another girl.. Anyways I'm Derek." He says reaching his hand out to shake it. "Y/n" I say shaking it. "Alright y/n let's walk you to the office." I giggle a little. We arrive at the office and he waits in there with me. I get my paper and we start walking out while we're both looking at my schedule. "Well looks like you have 3 classes with me" he says with a smile. We walk to our first period. "Oh look there's the girl that took Derek away from me!" Me and Derek both look at who said that. "Amy shut up you walked away from us." Derek says. She rolls her eyes. "You can sit by me if you want..there's no assigned seats here. And don't listen to Amy." I nod my head and follow him. Amy says another thing but no one laughs. I only had 2 more classes with Derek and I spent my whole day with him. And Amy was with him at someone times but she acted like I want there. The school day is over finally! "Hey wanna get some ice cream?" Derek asks me. "Um...will Amy care" I ask. "Nah...she's not coming with us..she's probably with some other guy at the moment." He looks at me and smiles. I smile back. We walk to the parking lot. "Okay just follow me." Derek says. I nod my head and go into my car, pull out and start following Derek. It took 5 minutes to arrive at the icecream shop. I saw Derek come out the car and walks towards me. I love how he always smiles. He so cute when he smiles. Derek grabs my hand. I jerk it a little. "Y/n it's okay." Derek says. "But..Amy?" I ask. "I'll tell you about it when we get our icecream." I nod my head. We both order our icecream and sit down. I take a bite out my icecream. "So, me and Amy haven't been working out lately.." I could tell. "Yeah..I saw Amy walk off with-" "Another guy. Yeah, she always does that." Derek says interrupting me. "So we're just working on it." Derek's phone rings and he picks it up. "Hold on let me take this." He says holding a finger up. I continue to eat my icecream. "Wait..AMY?!" Derek is getting a little loud. I couldn't hear what was going on." The conversation went on for 2 minutes. Derek is mad. He's also upset. I wonder what's going on. All I know is that it's about Amy. He end the call. "Are you done?" "Yeah." I say. He throws away my cup and throws his away. He grabs my hand and we walk out. "Hey is it fine if I go over to your place..?" He asks me. "Yeah sure." I say. We get in the car and start to drive to my house. "He opens the door for me. "Thank you!" I say. He smiles. I open the door. "You live by yourself?" "Yeah!" I answered. We go up into my room and we sit down on my bed. "Hope you don't mind me asking but are you okay?" I ask. "Derek puts his head into his palms and runs his fingers through his hair. "Oh..yeah..I'm okay. One of my friends Nate called me. He said that someone posted a picture of them and Amy." I nod my head listening to him. I'm sitting at the end of my bed and he's sitting on the floor infront of me. He continued. "So the thing is that Amy and the guy were making out. While she was sitting on his lap." I can hear Derek's voice changing. Like he's tearing up. "No, Derek don't cry she's not worth it if she's doing that kind of stuff." I say as I go up to him and start hugging him. He wipes his tears and I comb his hair back cause it's all over his face. "Thanks y/n you and Nate are the only people I need right now." Me and Derek are hugging eachother and we look at eachother. He leans in and kisses me. I kiss back. He picks me up and sits me on the bed. We're still kissing. I break off the kiss by his phone ringing. He looks at me and smiles. "Hehe." He answered it. His hair was in his face. GOD HE LOOKED HOT! Especially with his cute smile. "Hey y/n" I get cut off from my thoughts. "Is it ok if my friend Nate comes over?" He asks me. "Yeah that's fine!" I say. "Hehe." He hangs up the call. "What?" I ask. "I hope you don't mind having weed in your house." He says running at me and stars to kiss me everywhere on my face. "Wait...Nate has weed?!" "HELL YEAH HE DOES!" Derek responds. "Yes!" I say. "You like to hit it too?!" He asks. "Yeah!" I respond with. "Oh we are gonna be so close!" He says. I start giggling and we wrestle. Till we hear a knock on the door. "I'll get it!" I yell. I get out from Derek being on top of me. I hear Derek running after me. "Haaaaa!" I say when I get to the door. I open it. "Hey I'm y/n." I say and I shake his hand. "Im Skate but you can call me Nate. "Aye wass good?!" Nate says hugging Derek. "Good...but do you got the stuff?" He asks. "Nate reaches in his pocket and get out a bag. "Aha! Bitch you know I do!" He says sticking his tongue out. "C'mon let's hit one!" I say. "Ayee! That's my girl!" Derek says hugging me. I lead them into my living room and smoke one. "So y/n... How often do you smoke?" Nate asked me. "I do it 2 times a day." But I thought I wouldn't able so have some anymore when I moved here." The guys nod their head and Derek smiles at me. "You're gonna have a lot of fun here." Derek says. Giving me a smug look. He's so cute. I don't know why Amy would cheat on such a sweet awesome guy.

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