Chapter 9

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Erza's POV:
After talking to Jellal about the cake he made for Meredy I went home. As I went home I smiled at I saw in my room, a giant stuffed bear with a card attached to it. I opened the card and read it to myself, Lucy was such a cutie of course I forgive her. This just made my day. I walked over to my kitchen and opened my fridge to see. Beautifully made cake as said in the card made by my wonderful.

Where's Lucy? I want to eat this cake with her.

I quickly put the cake back into the fridge so that I could get Lucy to come eat the cake with me.

When I got over to Lucy's apartment I decided to be nice and ring the doorbell. I pressed her doorbell and stood outside with a smile.

As Lucy opened the door my smile quickly faded as I saw Lucy's condition. Her eyes were red and puffy as if she was crying.

"Erza what are you doing here? Go back home it so late."

"Lucy what happened? Lucy why are you crying" I asked.

She just dropped down into tears. Quickly I bent down next to her and tried to hug her. She just pushed me aside.

"Don't come near me...please" she said weakly.

"Lucy you need to tell me what happened."

"I really don't want to. Look Erza i love you....i just can't right now."

Slowly she got up and gently pushed me out her house.

"Seriously Lucy don't shut me out (frozen reference). Tell me who made you cry."

"IT WAS YOU OKAY!" She screamed.

Quickly she shut the door. Me? What did I do?

Hey guys sorry this chapter was so short. I'm pretty suck and always coughing 24/7. I love you guys.


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