That. Sorry. Bastard.

Tanned skin flashed in the light of the dim room just before a loud crash sounded. Harry let his phone fly from his hand, the screen cracking into a million pieces when it slammed into the wall. The device fell, little slivers of the glass screen twinkling in the light when they fell. It bounced once before coming to a rest on the back.

Hazel eyes, swimming with anger stared down at it. He didn't even care. That damned phone was the least of his worries. Who the fuck did he think he was? Rejecting phone calls and ignoring all of them. Harry's mind reeled with thoughts of what he wished he could to Liam right now. "You just wait until I get my hands on him.. I'm going to wring his fucking neck."

"Who's neck are you gonna put a ring on..?"

Harry jumped when the whispery irish voice came to him from behind. Managing a glance over his shoulder, he saw Niall standing in the doorway. Arms paler than usual held onto the frame of the door whilst shaky legs helped him lean against it. Niall looked at his fiance through half glazed eyes, a confused smirk on his face. "Harry..?"

Instantly, those angry eyes softened. Pushing himself from the bed, Harry sauntered over to him and touched his cheek. "Baby..", he murmured quietly," What are you doing out of bed... You need to be resting as much as you can.."

"I heard a noise..", Niall smiled weakly and attempted a glance over one of Harry's broad shoulders, only to have it pushed upwards to block his view.

"I knoked the lamp off the table..", Harry lied quickly. He was not about to tell Niall what he had really done. "Baby you need to go back to bed.." Niall had woken earlier that day; as soon as his blue eyes opened, he was an irish missile with a beeline for the bathroom. The retching and coughing was what had woken Harry up. He had almost fallen off of their bed. When he had seen Niall hunched over, his knees folded under him and head shoved half-way down into the toilet, he had thought the worst. a large bruise was on his knee from where he had crashed down onto them, his hands locking onto Niall's waist.

The faint throbbing made him remember the short scene. "Come on, Ni", he said quietly and looped an arm about his waist," Let's get you back to bed.." Harry had barely moved when another knee knocked against his bruised one. A hiss of pain left him and he looked up.

Blue eyes looked down at him, half glazed but with an amused look to in them. "Quit being my mum, Haz..", he smiled. Niall pulled away from the door and let himself fall against Harry. "I don't want to go back to bed... I want to get a shower and go see Zayn and Louis and Jamie and Liam."

Liam. Harry's smile fell into a frown of distaste. Even the name of one of his best friends was enough to make the bile rise in his throat. "I tried to call him earlier..", he started," But... He didn't answer.." The way Nniall's face fell was enough to make Harry want to punch himself in the gut. Liam had been Niall's closest friend back in the days of the band. He was the reason they had even gotten together in the first place!

"Oh.." Niall sighed and looked down for a few moments. It felt like he hadn't seen Liam, or talked to him, in ages. "Okay.. But can we? Go see the Malik's and Jamie?" He looked up at Harry again. It was to obvious that he was in pain, but he was trying to hide it.

No one ever accused him of being a good actor. The dimples in his cheeks showed his huge smile. "We can go..", he smiled and pressed a soft kiss into Niall's messy hair. The familiar smell of coconut wafted up around him again; Harry just grinned and rubbed his back. He had always found the scent of Niall above the line of tantalizing, but it never failed to take over his senses. "But you need a shower."

"Trying to tell me I stink?" Niall looked up at him with innocent blue eyes. Eyes that were to innocent.

Harry frowned and looked at him. That particular was never good. "Um.. why are you looking at me like tha-..... UGH!" He wrinkled his nose in disgust as a loud irish cackle sounded out.

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