Danniella's POV


Glee, Heads will Roll/Thriller blares as my alarm in the early morning. Signalling that it is now 7:00am. Great. That also means that it's the first day of school. First day of year 12 too. At least I only have this last year to go.

Managing to get my lazy ass out of my amazing bed. I grabbed some clothes for school and headed for the shower. After about half an hour, I turned off the water and got dressed. A yellow off the shoulder shirt, black denim jean shorts and a black stud belt under the bust of the shirt. Back in my room, I tugged on my favourite blue converse.

Once dressed and my school bag ready, I bounded down the stairs for the kitchen. Mm, something smelt good.

"Hey sis!" I heard three voices greet me at the kitchen doorway. My brother Alex and the twins, Ellcie and Eloise.

"Hey guys!" I replied cheerfully. "Is Mike still asleep?" I asked, noticing my missing twin brother Michael. I just got a couple nods as they were too busy stuffing their mouths with the bacon and pancakes our Chef, Hanna, obviously cooked up this morning. I shrugged my shoulders and helped myself to a plate full of yummy goodness.

"I'm surprised you kids haven't run out of food with the way you lot eat," speaking of Hanna, and she appears. I don't know how she does it. I shook my head, I could come up with some crazy ideas.

"We're just a bunch of growing children," Alex pouted. He's always been the more mature one of the family. I smiled at him, he winked back.

"I still can't believe it though," Hanna replied as she walked into the back kitchen. We were in the main kitchen with the essentials and the bench as a dining table, the other kitchen is for the Chef and other larger needed cooking items.

Finishing my plate, I hopped off the stool and headed back upstairs to Michael's room. Time to wake up the devil.

Hmm, that gave me an idea. I crept right up to Mike's door and slowly opened it. Yes! No creaking door noises.

Anyway, I snuck further into the room and spotted a snoring Mike on the floor. I tried not to laugh at him, he must have fallen off the bed last night. That explains the 'bang' that woke me up at about 2 in the morning. He had managed to keep the blanket covering him somehow. What an idiot.

Sneaking right up to his head, I took in a deep breath and prepared myself. When I reached his ear I started whispering.

"The butcher's coming. And he's got a knife, a big knife. And he's coming to cut off your-"


I heard a set of bounding feet race up the stairs after Mike screamed. I wasn't really paying attention as I was currently on the floor laughing with my arm over my now aching stomach.

"Oh god! That was fucking... hilarious! You should've... seen... your face!" I exclaimed between laughs. I spotted a few shadows at the door. I looked over and saw my three other siblings giving me strange looks. I looked back at Mike and he was glaring at me.

"That was not... funny!" He says. Well tried to as he was laughing now as well. "Where did you come up with that shit? I was dreaming about banging Lindsay and then she appeared with a knife, aiming for my balls!" He added when he finished laughing and catching his breath. I sat up after calming down a bit more and took in slow, ragged breaths.

"I got it from the movie 'Virgin Territory'. You should really watch that movie. It's fucking hilarious," I replied. Mike gave me a hand off the ground and pushed me out his room.

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