Part Twenty One

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This is where I apologize.

For what, you ask? For sucking ass at updating. I got an anonymous push to continue my story, so here I am, presenting Penguin Book's unofficial clone's representation of The Death Boys, part twenty one. Enjoy. Ish.


"Say, Jordan," Walt started with a feather-light tone, "what do you get out of this?"

He raised an eyebrow. "Someplace safe to be. I've only heard of such places." He struggled to regain his footage. Walt held out his hand in order to help him do so. Nico gripped his other arm, his expression disapproving.

"How do you know we can trust him?" he demanded evenly. He wasn't quite sure what in the underworld had gotten in to Walt. On the other hand, Jordan's helpless request and expression did seem genuine.

"You said it yourself, Nico," Walt replied, pulling Jordan up with little struggle. "Some fates are worse than death."

Nico frowned. "And quite honestly, Walt, promises can be fulfilled in twisted ways."

Walt shrugged. "If he swears."

Nico pulled Walt towards him and pressed his mouth against his ear with a harsh whisper. "When this goes wrong, expect an 'I told you so'."

"I will," Walt said, pulling away from Nico's grip.

Nico could swear Walt had winked at him, leaving Nico in a state of utter bewilderment. Just then, a boomerang-like rod of ivory materialized in Walt's hand and, gripping Jordan's arm with the other, he intoned a sort of spell: "Su-en!"

Matching hieroglyphs glowed on their arms, and flickered off a few moments later, seemingly disintegrating in to nothing. Jordan, alarmed, pulled away instinctively. His arm separated from Walt's only a few inches before he was forced to stop short by what seemed to be a cord of rope binding their wrists. Nico was beginning to understand.

"You got a plan, Jordy?" Walt attempted the friendly approach once again, wrenching Jordan towards him."Can I call you Jordy?"

Nico shot him a look. Jordan didn't answer.

"A-a plan?" he managed.

Walt shrugged with a smirk. "Go on. I'm not going anywhere."


I will attempt to update more. Don't pulverize me if I forget to. It's a thing that happens with the age. Yep. I AM AN OLD AND WISE TEENAGER. LET ME HAVE MY MOMENTS OF FORGETFULNESS.

By the way, if you have any interest in Supenatural whatsoever, PM ME NOW. WE MUST TALK. BECAUSE SAM IS JUST-. AND DEAN IS SIMPLY-. NO. NEVER SIMPLY. CAS THOUGH-. AND CROWLEY-

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Good day, y'all.

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