chapter 17

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Chapter 17:

“Who was here?” Zachary questions me. He looked annoyed, well I wouldn’t blame him.

“I don’t know.” I told him honestly, he puts his face in his hands and then runs his fingers through his hair.

“Ok, but if anything else happens, winter, you have to promise me that you will tell me” he requested. I nodded at his request.

“Ok” he simply said before walking away.

I wonder what that was, something doesn’t feel right, I feel uneasy, and I feel uncomfortable. I walked down the hallway, and I began to hear his voice. He was in my head. “winter” he whispered, my heart began beating fast as if any time it would break through my ribcage. “Winter, winter, winter, winter” he continued to whisper my head began to pound, I felt dizzy, I felt tired, I felt sick, what’s happening. He began laughing evilly in my head. My eyes began to feel heavy, and everything went black. Siren.


My eyes snapped open, I lay here upon my and Zachary’s bed, how long was I out? Why am I here? And most importantly what happened? I sat up trying to recall what had happened. I looked to the side of my bed, there Zachary was seated in a chair, sleeping I guess. I giggled. His eyes snapped open and he looked at me.

“You are awake.” He expressed, his voice deep and moningy (I know it’s not a word) like he sounds every morning when he wakes up. He stood up and started pouring me a glass of water. “What happened winter? You’ve been out half the day” he questioned. If only I could remember. He handed me the glass of water.

“I don’t remember.” I told him truthfully. I began drinking the water.

“What do you mean you don’t remember?” he growled angrily. I don’t get why he’s so angry.

“Why are you angry?” I asked him. His eyes snapped and he glared at me.

“wow winter what a question” I flinched at his reply, I’ve never seen him angry before, he continued “why do you think I am angry, I don’t think it’s normal for a man to walk down a hallway and see his fiancé lying unconscious on the ground and he doesn’t know how long or why” he yelled as he stated.

“I’m sorry ok, but even I don’t know what happened ok, I cannot recall what happened, all I remember was walking down the hallway and then after that things are broken and rusty, but you can’t blame me Zachary for what happened, after all I am the one that fell unconscious.” I yelled back.

“Ok, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have yelled, but you have to understand, to see you hurt is like walking on the sun, even though it’s impossible.” He explained, my heart felt heavy, he was worried, scared and angry.

“Zachary, listen to me, I know you are scared, worried and hurt, but just know, I’m here to stay, nothing bad is going to happen to me if you are here to protect me” I told him.

Right then, my ears hurt, I bent down and held my ears tightly, it sounded like a microphone screeching, and it felt like my eardrums were going to bleed. Then it all started coming back to me, siren in my head, it must have caused something.

“Winter, are you ok?” Zachary asked.

“He was in my head” I whispered. Remembering that just disgusts me. Imagine having a monster like him in your head.

“Who was in your head?” Zachary asked.

“Siren” as soon as the name left my lips Zachary was furious.

“What is that kind of bastard doing in your head?” he yelled once again.

“Zachary calm down” I said to him.

“calm down, winter don’t tell me to calm down, that bastard was in your head, what if he did something terrible that even I couldn’t protect you from, huh? Don’t you understand winter” he began talking softly “life without you isn’t a life, you are everything to me.” He said, my heart thumped in my chest. I smiled at him and touched his face. “I think now I am just going to find a way to help you out of this” he said. What?

He walked out of the room and closed the door behind him, I wonder what he meant by that. Five minutes later I was still sitting upon our bed I was just about to get up what my door opened, Zachary walked in with Autumyn and Mei as well as the 3 witch sisters. Fauna walked up to me and pulled me into a tight hug. Right as Griselda was walking up to me, my door opened and there stood Oliver, Charlie, zander and tommy in his arms. They walked up to me and climbed on the bed.

“Winter, we were so worried” Oliver said. That cute thing. Charlie and zander agreed with the 5 year old. Tommy just made gurgling sounds so I am guessing he is agreeing as well. I hugged them like they were my life.

Lydia looked like she was about to create a fire. “Who is the bastard that hurt, my dear winter?” She looked towards Zachary and in a flash she was in front of him holding him down by his collar, Lydia glared at him. “I swear if it’s you who hurt my winter I will rip your throat out with my broom, take my nails and rip out your intestines, and still make you live to suffer then I’ll take sand and put it up you-”

“Ahem” I interrupted Lydia, she looked at me, and I then pointed to the children. “Children here” she then looked at the kids who were looking at her with wide eyes. She then released Zachary, while glaring at him.

“This is not over” she said, then walked away, Zachary stared at her in shock, I mean who wouldn’t. Everyone looked at Zachary’s terrified face and laughed. The atmosphere was warm and light. It felt happy.

“Isn’t the mood nice” what? That voice, it couldn’t be.

“Winter what is the matter?” Charlie questioned me. Everyone tuned and napped their gazes towards me.

“n- Nothing is the matter” I assured them.

“You are lying to us.” Oliver argued. I shook my head denying.

“I’m telling you nothing is wrong, I am fine” once again I assured them.

“I’m coming for you winter, soon I will take back what is mine! And I will start with your precious prince: Zachary” he promised.

My heart was beating fast, I didn’t want to lose Zachary and I will not, he is everything to me.


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