"Christmas Production"...December 1666

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(Trying to sneak off to seek pretty women at a play on Christman Day
minus John and Bess, are we?)

The King's Players Playhouse...

Sixpence box...

"Brother Samuel?"



"Bess...? What are you two doing here?"

"What are you doing here alone?"

"Checking to see if today's play is fit for you and our would-be
clergyman to see, of course. Now as to you two..."

"It's Act Three, Sam'l...Nice try, though."

"Sammmmueeelll, I'm back...." cooing tone, abruptly cut off on sight of enraged Bess...  "Er, Mr. Pepys? Oh, hello...What a pleasure.  And you, Mrs. Pepys..." nervous smile.

"You know Mrs. Knipp?"

"Too well..." grimly.

"I believe we were discussing why you and John were here? Together?
Without informing me?"

"You vanished for two hours on Christmas Day, and you're asking
questions like...!!"

"Must go and rejoin Christopher. Nice to see you again Mr. P...Mrs.
Pepys."  Knipp, nervously.

"You'll want your hat."

"Ah...Thank you, Mrs. Pepys. Must've dropped it when I stopped by

"Are you wearing false hair again, Bess? You know what I've said about
false hair..."

"Pepys! That's the man!! I wanna talk to you, Pepys...About my wife and
that new baby..."  Fuming voice...Of a burly man pushing his way into box.

"Mr. Martin? What the devil do you mean, sir, coming into our box in
this condition...?"

"What...Baby?" shock running swiftly to flaming anger.

John Pepys, regarding Bess' raging face, now looking eager to be...

Leaving...Such a fine idea...

"Now, Bess... John, where the devil did you get the money to take my
wife to a play?"

"I've got a right to speak with you, Pepys...About that child...Hic. You
gotta obligatin..." the burly man cried.

"Get your finger out of my face, sir!"

"I paid for him. I've a right to some pleasure on Christmas Day,
Sam'l. And what...Baby?!"

"Really must be going...Mr. Knipp is waiting on me. A merry Christmas,

"Perhaps I could escort you back, Mrs. Knipp?"

"Oh, that would be so kind, Mr. Pepys."

"John?!" Bess and Sam at once...

"See what bad habits your brother is learning from you!" Bess, furiously.

"Ummm...." forlorn look from Mrs. Knipp...

"I'm sayin...You gotta obligation, Mr. P...epys..." Martin puts hand on Sam's shoulder, if now in a rather confidential, man-to-man-of-the-world manner.

"Unhand me, sir!"


"Mr. Pepys!" "Sam'l!" "Brother?!"


"Well, that is certainly the best play I've seen here in quite a
while..." King Charles, watching from box to Lady Castlemaine.

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