Chapter 3

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I go home from school later that day, tired. I have not stopped thinking about my nightmares all day. I throw my school bag near the bottom of the stairs as I walk through the hallway.

"Mum!" I yell "I'm home!"

Mum's in the kitchen cooking dinner. I sit myself down a the island counter.

"Hey Hun," she says without looking up at me "how was your day?"

"It was alright," I reply. The phone rings. Mum, having onion all over her hands from cutting it, wipes her hands on a tea towel.

"I got it," I say as I reach out for the phone.


"Hey!" Screams the enthusiastic voice on the other end.

"Hey Chelsea. What's up?" I look at my as I take the phone out of the kitchen.

"My family's going to the beach tonight and I really want a friend to come along. Do you wanna come?"

Of course I want to go. I just have to confirm it with mum first.

"I'll ask mum."

I trudge back into the kitchen and cover the mouthpiece with my hand.

"Mum?" I ask.

"What's up?" Mum turns away from the stove and comes back to the island bench. She's pretty good with modern fashion and slang for a person her age.

"Chelsea was wondering if I could go to the beach with her tonight. Could I?"

Without a moments silence, mum replies. "Will an adult be there?"

I groan. "Yeah, her whole family's going. How old do you think I am?"

"Sixteen," mum replies smartly and turns back to the stove, where a pot of something's boiling. "You can go. I'll just put this aside for dinner tomorrow."

I take my hand off of the mouthpiece. "Chelsea?" I ask.

"Yeah, I'm here," she replies.

"I can go. Meet me there in ten?"

"Fifteen," Chelsea says. I can hear voices in the background, then a muffled "Yes" from Chelsea. "I'll see you there," she says and hangs up. I put the phone back on the stand an head upstairs. I grab my beach bag and frantically run around the house looking for the things I'd usually take to the beach: a towel, a hair tie, some sunscreen, a magazine and a bottle of water. I find my bikini and put it on. I find a hat and plop it on my head, along with my sunglasses. I throw a cardigan over my shoulders and leave my bedroom. Living right next to the beach, I don't need thongs, so I head out barefoot.

Chelsea's not even there when I arrive, so I find a pretty good spot on the sand and lay my towel down there. It's a pretty warm day for October, so there's quite a few people out, including a few photographers around the area. I guess they're trying to get some good shots.

I pull my sunscreen out of my bag and slop some on. By the time I've finished that, Chelsea comes running down from the path. She looks pretty excited.

"Guess what?!" Chelsea practically squeals as she puts her stuff down next to mine. I put my sunscreen in my bag and fold my hands in my lap. "You fell out of the car and now you've gone mental."

"No," Chelsea rolls her eyes at me "Cody Simpson's here!" Now I know why she's excited. Cody Simpson's her favourite male celebrity. She is absolutely in love with him. Posters of him plaster her walls and his music is constantly playing. I'll admit that he's not too bad, but I'm not a fan of him myself. That must be why there's photographers here.

"Oh my gosh," I say sarcastically. Chelsea glares at me. "I mean, wow! That's so exciting." I turn the sarcasm into enthusiasm.

"Now that's what I want to hear," Chelsea says, slapping me on the back. "Could you please put some sunscreen on my back?"

"Okay, but only because you said please." I pick up Chelsea's bottle of sunscreen and slop some onto her back. As I rub it in, I see a stampede over near the water. The photographers edge closer and get some shots. Maybe Cody Simpson's over there. Doesn't bother me.

I finish putting sunscreen on Chelsea's back and she puts some on mine. I can still hear the loud, high-pitched squeals of teenage girls.

"Ugh," I say as I sit back "I can't believe those girls just start a stampede like that. Does he not have bodyguards?"

"He does," Chelsea says, leaning back next to me. "He's over there." She points in the direction of the bodyguard. "Plus, he's probably on holidays."

"Good point," I say, slightly nodding my head at her. I turn away from the bodyguard to face her. "So why aren't you out there bothering him?" This is a very good question to ask her.

"Respecting the fact that he has personal space." She replies, still looking out through her sunglasses. By the way they're angled, I suspect she's probably looking at the slowly shrinking stampede.

I groan. "Ugh, Chelsea," I say, standing up "this opportunity may only come once in a lifetime and you're choosing to refuse it? That's pathetic." I grab Chelsea's wrists and pull her up.

"That was unnecessary," she says as I drag her along the sand towards the group of girls. It's then that we see him.

Tanned with blonde hair, a boy just a bit older than myself emerges from the water, surfboard under one arm. As he runs out of the water, his eyes catch mine. I can't exactly get the colour of them, but they look beautiful from this distance. The group of girls start running towards him, some getting knocked over. The boy's eyes leave mine as he sprints towards what seems to be his family. Several bodyguards surround the area.

Flickers start coming to my mind. Tall and tan with amazing muscles and long, blonde hair.

That's weird. That's a part of my nightmare. The the next bit comes.

"Yes I am, Cody!" I scream.

I gasp in shock as the first image comes back into my mind. This time the tall, tan boy with amazing muscles and long, blonde hair has a face. A face that resembles the boy who captured my eye before.

That's what makes me gasp. When I take a quick glimpse around the area of the blonde boy drying off nearby to the bodyguards surrounding him and the screaming girls chasing after him, as well as the photographers snapping away, I realize who's been haunting my dreams.


Who do you think's haunting Jess's dreams?? It's pretty easy to guess. I hope you liked this chapter; be sure to look out for about 3 more tonight!!


Sammi xx

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