Hello guys! How's everyone doing? I finally got my laptop back! Yes!

Who among you guys are a fan of 5SOS? The naked and famous? and San Cisco? I was out of town for two weeks and I watched them play live. Holy sweet mother of Jesus they're so good! Scratch that, they're freaking awesome! It's already been a week and I still can't stop buzzing about it. So i apologize for the venting. haha

Anyway, I already started writing the sequel and I'm pleased to announce that I'll be posting the first chapter very soon. I need to finish creating the book cover first.

I hope I do you guys justice and please don't kill me once you've started reading the sequel, because trust me, you're going to want to kill me. Lol.

"Seeing each other again at their friend's wedding, Mason and Chloe decided to give their love another try. Fast forward two years later; are they where they want to be? Or are they starting to regret the choices they've made along the way.

Is everything worth fighting for?"

If you want to make some edits or video's for me you can send them at my Instagram account and if you just want to talk or whatever send me a tweet.

IG: iamyzaaa

Twitter: iamyzaaa

Till then loves!


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