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(Follow up to #5)
It was the next day. Adrien woke up early, he quickly did everything and rushed to her family's bakery. He got there and went inside.

"May I talk to Marinette." He says panting. Sabine gave the boy water, while Tom went to get Marinette.

The girl was rushing to get ready. She had one shoe on and was looking for the other. Tom opened up the hatch the moment she found it, "aha!!" She yells. Adrien and Sabine smile when they heard her.

Marinette slowly made her way downstairs, thinking her dad was joking, when he said Adrien is downstairs. She froze when she saw him. Adrien smiled and she ran over and hugged him tight. Adrien chuckled and wrapped his arms around Marinette.

"I transformed back and walked inside the bakery. My parents were happy that I didn't get hurt get hurt, but I'm grounded for a month." Marinette explains to Adrien on their way to school.

"How did you know I was Chat Noir?" Adrien asked.

"One word. Puns." Marinette laughed. Adrien laughed too.

"Hey Mari, do you want to be my girlfriend?" Adrien stopped walking. Marinette stood in front of him and smiled. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Adrien wrapped his arms around her waist, both smiling as they kissed.

They started to hear cheering. The two pulled apart, and saw the entire school clapping, cheering, and videoing the two. Everyone was happy, even Chloe.

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