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The moon was beaming down at me, its light brightening the wide smile effortlessly filling my face. It shone like a friend in greeting, and the stars around it seemed to wink at me as they twinkled in the sky.

I gazed up in wonder, unaware of my other surroundings. The beauty of the night had hypnotised me, pulling me into its grasp and refusing to let go.

I didn't realise you were there, watching me; I didn't notice you mirroring the smile on my face as you looked at me in wonder. It was only when you stepped forward and pulled me into your arms that I finally noticed your presence, your strong hold comforting me in more ways than possible.

"Come," you whispered in my ear, like you were sharing a secret that only I could hear, "dance with me."

We stepped closer to one another as we reached the dance floor, swaying our bodies to the beat of the music. You pulled me closer into you; so close, that I could feel your cool breath on my skin.

I was laughing as I twirled around in your arms with the elegance of a butterfly and a warm feeling in my chest. I had thought it was impossible to feel as happy as I did right there; but in your arms, anything was possible.

The bright lights above us were illuminating your face, brightening your smile and making it appear even more dazzling than normal. I always loved your smile. I would search for it even on the darkest days, in the hopes that I could still see the happiness, the admiration and the love still there.

Your smile was my lifeline. You were my lifeline.

You spun me around again and again then pulled me in so that you could lean your cheek on the top of my head. We swayed from side to side, changing the rhythm from the beat of the music to the beat of our own hearts which were moving together as one.

"I love you," I murmured. "God, I love you."

I could practically feel your smile, even though I couldn't see your face. "I love you, too," you whispered lightly, moving you cheek off my head so you could look at me.

And it was true; I loved everything about you. I loved how your hand always felt right in mine; how it clasped my own, firm yet soft all at the same time.

I loved how your skin felt on my own; its smoothness rubbing against mine, generating enough warmth to heat up even the coldest parts of my soul.

I loved your lips; especially when they were claiming my own. They would connect us together, moving urgently yet with a slowness that could last a lifetime.

And that's what you did right now, leaning your body down so you could connect us together. Your lips lightly pressed onto mine almost hesitantly, as if you were asking for permission.

I gave in to you, pulling you closer and reaching my hands up to grasp your hair. We both smiled into the kiss, our lips moving slowly as if it would make the moment last longer.

Because that's what I wanted; I wanted that moment to last longer. I wanted things to be perfect; for our relationship to be perfect.

It's funny how dependant you can become of another person—but I guess that's how it always was with you and I.

You could make me laugh when I was crying.

You knew the right things to say.

You were there for me whenever I broke down.

Why wouldn't I love you? There was nothing to not love about you.

It was like you were my oxygen; I couldn't breathe, couldn't live without you. Without you, I was trapped in my own bubble of despair, no escape and no way to carry on living. You became my air; you became the only thing important to me.

You pulled away from the kiss, keeping our faces close together as your lips turned upwards into a smile.

I felt myself smiling back, joining our hands together, like it would keep us intertwined for life.

"Let's get out of here," you suggested, cocking your head towards the exit and in the direction of your car.

I nodded and you gently pulled me along, grasping my hand tightly in yours, almost as if I was as much of your lifeline as you were mine.

And, even to this day, it was that moment that's my happiest. Because I had everything.

Because we had everything.

So why did you throw it all away?

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