Chapter Six.

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This chapter is unedited.

Marco sat at the paved patio, inhaling deeply the smoke he had between his fingers. He ran his hand through his messy hair. It had been a week since they arrived at the boat house.

Marco didn't like how Isabel decided to spend most of her time in her room. She didn't like to be near him or so he thought. He knew it was because of the attraction budding between them. He noticed how she would only come outdoors in the skimpy emerald two piece suit when she wanted to go to the water.

He glared straight ahead as he thought about her. He thought it would be very easy to have her falling at his feet but she was very different. She kept her distance like she didn't like to be next to him.

He threw his smoke to the ground, frustrated. He stepped on it as he walk straight ahead to the beach for a swim. He was only in trunks because of the swim he had earlier that morning.

Marco got into the ice cold water and hoped it would help cool his blood. His hard on needed some loving and there was no one here to help.


Isabel got up from her bed, rubbing her eyes as she made her way to the en suite. She washed her face before using the toilet. She didn't feel like taking a shower so early in the morning even if it was already give past nine so she brushed her teeth and made her way downstairs in her short night gown.

She hoped Marco was still in bed now or outside. She didn't want to see him this morning. She didn't want him to lead him on or show any interest in him. She had talked to her close friend, Anna, about it. Anna had said he was an old guy looking for a lay because she was the only one there but she couldn't deny the attraction she felt when he was so close to her. She also kept her distance from him because she already had feelings for him and she didn't want them to grow.

From the smell, as she walked through the expansive hallway, she knew something was cooking. Her thoughts dampened as she remembered Sandra, the snobby housekeeper, who showed too much interest for her liking in Marco.

It was already killing her without speaking to him at all. She longed to have a long conversation with him. She liked hearing his voice, she thought smiling secretly as she walked into the kitchen.

To her surprise, Marco was in nothing but jeans that hung sexily off his waist. His muscular back was on full display. She watched how the muscles flexed as he moved his hand. She felt herself get hot, looking at him. He was cooking something.

Isabel took to liberty to walk to his side. She stood beside him with him still towering over her frame.

"Where's the snob?" Isabel said looking at his chiseled jaw.

Marco looked at her in shock. He masked his desire and lust as he saw her in nothing but the skimpy gown she wore. He didn't hear her coming in at all not that he was paying any attention to his surroundings. He was paying attention on getting his omelette done perfectly.

"Why the hell are you sneaking up on me?" He asked rudely not bothering to look at her second time.

An adorable frown graced her face. She didn't like they way he spoke to her. She felt a tinge of hurt that he didn't even glance at her more than once. She knew her body didn't have effect on him.

"Hey!" She said finally. "It was you who didn't hear me. " She said as she watched him plate the egg with two strips of bacon. Her belly decided to make itself known by grumbling.

Her cheeks reddened as she patted her belly. Marco's  head automatically turned to her flat belly. It wasn't hard for him to make the decision. He pushed the plate into her hands.

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