A Human in the I Taskforce?! I don't think so - 4

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With a snarl I jumped to my feet, throwing the human across the room. Nina caught him, her face blank. Then he started laughing.

The bastard laughed at me!

I surged across the room, ready to kill him this time, but Nick grabbed me.

"Don't Vi!" he yelled, tackling me to the floor.


"Now that's not nice," the human laughed.

Nick shot him a glare.

"If you don't shut up I'll kill you myself."

"Nina heal the hu- Clay and show him to his room," Matt took control. "Nick take Victoria to her room, lock her in. Use the injection if you have to."

I went very still. In case we got out of control, the government developed injections to knock us out, one day for every millimeter used. I hated it, it made me feel weak. It was human's fault. Always human's fault.

"Nick get off," I whispered.


"Please, I'm fine."

After a long look and me refusing to meet his eyes, he jumped up. I jumped up myself and let out my wings. I flew to my room as fast as I could; which was pretty damn fast.

Two annoying humans in one day... damn it. I try to avoid them, if I'm too close to one for too long... there were consequences. Not to mention that I hate them all to hell. Or should I say home.

Having a human in the mansion... this was going to be bad. The nightmares were going to start again.


Damned human. He hurt Victoria. I saw it in her eyes, he didn't just hate humans, she was afraid of them too. Why? Why would she be afraid of such a weak race...?

She never talked about her past, not many of us did. Still, there is something that she's desperate to hide. I could ask Matt, but I doubt he'd tell me.

I watched as Nina healed the stupid human. He was thinking about something, something important from the look of concentration on his face. From what I just saw, he's a weak fighter. He probably won't survive his first mission. I hope he doesn't.

Maybe I should go talk to Victoria... I wanted to see her, to make sure she was alright. Damn this all. I pushed a strand of black hair out of my eyes. I wanted to know what the human was thinking, it was infuriating.

"He's thinking about Victoria," Matt murmured from beside me. I stiffened.


"He's thinking that he knows her from somewhere."

"Does he?" I didn't like this at all.

"Not him, but his family."

"What do you mean?" I didn't like the undercurrent of hate in his voice. Matt didn't hate people, he just didn't.

"Ask Victoria about her past, but whatever you do, don't link it to the human."

"But-" I looked over at him, but he was already walking over to Nina and the human.

I better go see Victoria, now rather than later. I passed through the door, looking over at the dent in the wall. I grit my teeth, that had to have hurt her.

If only I'd been faster... but still. When I heard her say that she was leaving I froze up. I had no idea what to do let alone say... If she only knew. No, if only I was strong enough to tell her. I let my wings out and flew up the stairs.

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