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This isn't my video or anything it's just cute

I wake up to Harry sleeping soundly beside me. I look up to his soft features and softly trace his jaw line and brush the wild curls out of his face. His lips pull into a bright smile and he opens his eyes looking at me.

"Good morning princess." He kisses my nose quickly.

"What will it be for breakfast?" He asks. I look at him panicked, I didn't make anything.

"How about... Pancakes and fruit." He hums pulling me close. "Or you." He smirks kissing me. I giggle at him.

"I just wanna lay here." I groan stretching out in the bed.

"Anything for you." He says cheekily. I snort at his cheesiness.

"I hate you." I say playfully.

"Hmm...that's not what you were saying last night." He crawls over me. His morning hair falling around his face. "Ah, daddy. Yes yes!" He mimics me in a high pitched voice. I blush covering my face laughing at him. He chuckles ducking his head in my neck. I move my hands to around his neck. He nudges his nose against my sweet spot before lightly kissing it.

"How's your back, old man?" I interrupt the kiss. He sits back in playful disbelief. I laugh at him.

"Oh, so you think you're funny, now." He tries to act tough and pops his knuckles. I nod playfully.

"Mhmm" I hum. He smirks licking his teeth and he suddenly begins tickling.

"Oh my god Harry stop!" I laugh uncontrollably my sides hurt from laughing so hard. I wiggle beneath him writhing in laughter.

"Daddy!!" I shriek. My eyes start watering from laughing so hard.

"I'll stop if you say I'm not old." He says pinning me down.

"But you are." I blurt out and he continues tickling me. "Ok. Ok. You're not old!" I scream as he tickles me. He lets go and pecks me on the cheek. I lie there trying to catch my breath. Harry stands up from the bed and shakes his hair.

"Cmon lets go take a shower and go buy you some things." He holds out his hand.

"Ok daddy." I hum taking his hand and following him to the bathroom where he turns on the shower and while it's getting warm he turns around and suddenly kisses me. Before I even know what's happening he presses me against the door and kisses me hard. I hold on to his waist trying to keep up with his lips. He pulls away and tugs me into the shower.

"You're my every fantasy." He says pressing me against the shower wall. I blush smiling downward.

"Awe daddy." I mumble kicking the water at my feet. He picks me up and places me around his waist.

His fingers slip between my weak legs. I bite my lip already wet for him. He groans when his finger dips into my wetness. I hold on to his first shoulders as the water cascades off our shoulders and sides. I pull his head closer and suck and kiss on his neck. He moans in my ear as he slips one finger in. I can begin to feel his member poking my thigh. I moan on his neck. He slips another one in and I moan as I'm sore from having sex five times last night. I close my eyes leaning my head against the wall as he slips another finger in and begins to finger fuck me. I moan quietly to myself and he pulls my lip out of my mouth with his thumb.

"Moan loud for me." He grunts and at this I moan louder. He kisses my neck lightly "Good girl," he mumbles against my skin. He withdraws his fingers and quickly plunges into me.

"Daddy," I whimper as he pushes full in me. A string of curse words muffle into his neck as I hold on to him. His hips continue their motion as his hands lift me up against the wall. The water coating our skin with slickness, we moved fluently against each other.

"Mm daddy's gonna cum, where do you want it?" He asks quickly straining his voice. The veins in his neck prominent.

"Inside me daddy." I blurt quickly. He looks at me making sure. "I'm on the pill," I assure him. He doesn't think twice and he lets go and rubs my clit making me shake in his arms. I'm a moaning mess in his arms as he toys with me and fucks me. He hisses my name, pet names, and sweet nothings in my ear as he draws closer. I moan squeezing my legs around him and reaching my climax.

His deep breaths falling in my ears as he Cums inside me and props himself up on the wall.

"We'll have to get you something extra special for that." He smirks kissing my cheek and letting me down. My legs are a bit wobbly and he catches me.

"Here let me wash your hair," he says to me. I chuckle and hand him the shampoo.

"Let me do your's," I say excitedly. He smiles stooping down to my level and letting me. He sneaks a kiss while I'm focused on washing his hair. I giggle at him. I give him a mohawk and bangs.

Let's just say we spent a solid twenty more minutes in the shower.


Not too much, I'm sorry for such a crappy update and waiting so long.

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they are the only reason I still write, bc I know you love it!

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