All Over Again- HARRY STYLES

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The ringing of my phone woke me up and I grabbed it as fast as I could, so that it won’t wake Harry up. It was a text from Dani saying that she and Liam are going to the beach and asking if I wanted to join. I quickly replied that I’ll join them later and then turned my phone off. I turned around and saw Harry still asleep. 

"Harry?" I whispered and gave his cheek a kiss. “Wake up." I whispered, he made a weird noise and turned around. “Harryyy." I whispered once more at his ear and he shivered. I kissed his ear and started making my way lower, to his neck. “Harry baby, wake up." I whispered once more and started giving small kisses to his neck. When I kissed a little higher from his left collarbone he took a sharp breath in, found it. I started nibbling and sucking on the skin and his breath started coming out heavy and hot. “Harryy." I moaned and started going lower. I kissed his chest, his tummy, his belly button and lastly the area above his boxers. I rolled him over and sat on his thighs. I started giving more kisses to his lower stomach, above his boxers and then I sucked on his hipbone. A small groan escaped his lips and I smiled knowing that I was the one that causing him all this pleausure. I started making my way higher, following the same way I got down. I reached his lips and gave a kiss to his lower lips, then to his upper lip and to his nose. “Come on baby. I know that you’re awake." I told him and kissed his left eyelid. “Let me see those eyes." I told him and kissed his right eyelid.

Then he opened his eyes and looked at me. “Goodmorning.” I smiled at him and gave him a kiss, but he grabbed me and made the kiss more passionate. He slid his tongue in my mouth and we started making out, his place his hands on my bum and pulled me a little higher, so that my core was touching his bulge. A moan escaped my lips and he smiled in the kiss.

"Move your hips baby." He whispered while his lips where still touching mine. “slowly." He added and that’s what I did. I started circling my hips and so that my lower part was rubbing against him. He broke the kiss and started kissing my neck. One of his hands left my bum and went higher under the t-shirt he gave me. “Get rid of it." He said and tagged on it. I raised my body and took it off. “No bra?" Harry said and smiled with a small wink. I smiled back at him and bent down to give him one more kiss. He flipped us over so that he was on top of me. “My turn." He smiled and gave me another peck. He placed slow and lazy kisses on my neck, down my collarbones and the place above my breasts. He looks at my breasts and then up at me. His eyes are darker, he licks his lips and I swear to God, I’ve never seen something more sexy in my entire life. He kissed my nipple, he sucks on it and then gives it a small bite. He moves to my other breast doing the same thing and I tangle my fingers into his hair and pull on them. He growls and starts giving small, slopy and wet kisses down my stomach. He puts his hands under my bum and tugs on the waistband, I raised my hips and he got rid of the boxers. He throws them somewhere in the room and he turns his attention back to me.

He spreads my legs and kisses my thighs, then he licks every inch of them till he reaches my wet core. He starts pressing small kisses on my clit and slit and he grabs my legs and puts them over his shoulder. His hands move from my bum to my hips and he holds them tight. I start to moan while he buries his mouth between my legs. I can’t control my moans and I start to tug a little too tighter at his hair than before. “I’m gonna cum.” I moan and he grabs my bum again. He lifts me a little and he starts making out with my pussy. At this point I feel my climax coming so quick that I can’t even control my breath and my moans are higher than ever. The feeling spreads all over my body and I arch my back when I cum in his mouth. “aaaah Harryyy!” I moan. He licks everything clean and then stands on his knees, while taking me with him holding me tight to his chest with his arms on my waist. I kiss him with every strength that it’s left in me and taste myself on his tongue.

He then stands a litlle and he takes off his boxers, he sits back at his previous position with me on top. “Ride me.” He sexilly whispers in my ear. He grabs his length and shoves into me. We both moan at the same time in pleasure. He grabs with his hands my bun and pulls on the hair tie, my hair fell over us, like a curtain hiding us from the rest of the world. I place my one hand on his neck and I tangle the other in his hair. He grabs my waist and helps me ride him. I start moving my hips and grind against him. He places his head in the crook of my neck and starts kissing it. I start making eight figures with my hips and he moans louder. “Oooh Babe, that feels so good.” He moans and he starts slamming in me faster.

"Aaah Harry, I’m almost there." I moan.

"Cum, babe. Cum for me." He whispers and traps one of my nipples between his lips and starts twirling his tongue around it. He places his thumb on my clit and starts rubbing it. That’s what set me off.

"Haaarryyy." I moan loudly when I reach my climax. He stars moving faster in me, if that was even possible, helping me ride my climax and trying to reach his own.

"Aaaah." He moans and I feel him cum inside of me. He falls back in the bed taking me with him. I nuzzle my face in his neck and he starts playing with my hair as we both are trying to calm our breaths and heartbeats down. He tugs on my chin and I look up at him.

"Goodmorning." He smiles and kisses me.

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