Chapter 2- Answered

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The lights blared in her eyes causing her head to pound harder.

“I’m Dr. Fields, but you can call me Rebekah.”

Sara closed her eyes again and moaned.

“You need to verify that we can collect evidence. I would highly suggest this.” Sara shook her head.

“Sara, you really need to be examined. In case you change your mind farther down the road.” Her head pounded, she didn’t want to argue. She wanted silence. She shook her head one last time.

   Rebekah sighed, “I really believe this is important and I would suggest it to any of my patients.”

     Sara closed her eyes tighter. “Okay.” Signing the papers gave her a few more moments of silence.

 “Is there anyone that you would like to be with you through the examination?” Rebekah asked in a softer tone. Rebekah dimmed the lights so Sara could open her eyes. Tears pricked Sara’s eyes. She had no one. Rebekah could tell by her body language what the answer was.

 “Okay sweetheart. Let’s get started so you can receive farther medical treatment. Linda is the nurse that will be helping me. I’ll be right back, are you okay to stay alone for a moment?” Rebekah looked at her still trembling with no one there for her. Rebekah poked her head out of the doorway. “Dr. Walls? Would you mind sitting with Ms. Cross please?” Dr. Walls entered the room and gave Sara a genuine smile. He paced over towards her and looked at the temporary bandage on her forehead. “I’m going to change that bandage. Someone did a really bad job on it.” He sighed his smile quickly changing to a scowl. She liked he wasn’t trying to make her feel better and giving her smiles. He was lost in frustration. “I swear you think someone could at least put on a bandage to where it holds up. One thing you’ll learn about Ronaline is that this town is not full of intelligence in the medical field. Nicest people but not great on detail. Rebekah is awesome though, the best one here. There you go.” He said giving her a smile. “Looks like you’re going to need stitches there.”  She just stayed silent. “Looks like you need some Vaseline for your lip too.” He flipped open her medical book and briefed over it. He grimaced a little. He was expecting a car wreck. He swabbed some Vaseline onto a Q-tip and gently applied it to her busted lip. She noticed his change in moods and felt ashamed. Her cheeks burned. He looked over his shoulder and then back down at her. “Don’t be embarrassed. It wasn’t your fault.” Tears streamed down her cheeks causing her more embarrassment. Rebekah walked back in with Linda and he fled the room.

She was nonresponsive during the examination and regretful for not standing her ground. Rebekah just worked through it with her knowing it needed to be done. Rebekah sighed a breath of relief once the examination was finished. “You’re done. You did great”

       Fear pumped through her veins. She was terrified and tired of being poked and prodded. She ended up having to get her eye stitched. She knew she wasn’t done yet as Rebekah asked her to lie on her stomach. Bark was embedded in her back from where she was slammed into the tree. Rebekah carefully tweezed it out.

“You’re almost done girl and then we will get you settled in for the night. Do you have anyone that can come and stay with you tonight?”


“Me neither.” She joked to lighten the mood a little. “Do you know the lady that found you tonight?”


“She is still here waiting for you. She wanted to make sure you were okay. Would you be okay if she checked on you?”

Sara was surprised by the comment. “She’s still here?”

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