Chapter 6

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"Dylan." Enoch said walking into the room. "Our son is on his way." His voice sounded frenzied.

Elena knew there was something wrong with her son.

She then looked at Kate she were so close to getting the father name of the little boy. Her mate has to ruin it by coming striding into the room shouting his name out loud.

She kissed the baby on the head then gave a longing look to Kate before exiting the room.

Enoch stood outside the door agitated his Alpha wolf close to the surface. "Something is wrong with our son."

Elena put her hand over her heart feeling it flutter in her chest. "I know."

Even though her son has not been part of the pack for so long she still shared a connection. It was an emotional one.

For her to be feeling anything at all her son must be in dire need.

"Alpha," Dr Goodman bowed his head in respect as he passed them to go into Kate's room.

"We need to ensure that she is protected." Elena told her mate walking to the window. She stared out into the darkness seeing the Warriors walking in rings round the building.

They will give their life before letting the enemy through.

Elena turned to face her mate when he didn't respond. Enoch's back went poker straight. His eye flowed looking off into the distance.

"Our son is here." His nose flared, like he was sniffing his scent. "Come."

Enoch walked ahead out of the building shifting without hesitation. Elena followed suit her clothes shredding to make room for her wolf body.

She followed her mate to the pack house. They arrived just as a black four by four came to a halt outside the house.

Two men she didn't recognise in military clothing came out the car from the passenger side.

Enoch growled his wolf instinctively coming in front of Elena blocking her view of the men.

The two front doors opened. A strong male scent could be smelt in the air.

Dylan stepped out of the vehicle. His body began to shake as he looked at the pack house. It was as if his wolf were telling him welcome home.

Dylan sniffed the air letting the aroma of his pack lands seep into his skin. His muscles tensed upon hearing the familiar sounds of his father growling.

This time they were focused on him and his men. Dylan had to actively suppress his Alpha wolf. He didn't want to challenge his father as he didn't want to be a leader yet. Not when he has to find the rogue that hurt his mate.

His dad approached him slowly, trusting him but not the wolves that surrounded him. Who could blame the Alpha he just had enemy attack his lands.

"The men are with me." Dylan announced looking around at the Warriors. "Stand down. They mean you know harm."

His father shifted looking a lot older than the last time Dylan set eyes on him.

"It's been too long son." Enoch held his son on his arm just under his elbow in a wolf greeting similar to the human handshake.

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