La Bete du Gevaudan

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I was in my room doing a French report when Derek came in through my window.

"Abigail you need to come with me."

He leaves and I get up from my desk and follow him.

We go to some type of parking garage to a grocery store.

"What are we doing here?"

"You'll see," Derek says.

Soon Scott comes into view and he seems to have lost his car. In order to find it he puts his bags on the ground and gets his keys out. As he presses the button a car on the floor above us goes off.

Soon a bottle of milk rolls out of one of the bags and goes to the car Derek and I are under.

"Crap," Scott says going after the bottle of milk.

After the milk goes under the car Derek rolls it back.

Derek does a low growl and Scott takes off running.

As Scott runs Derek follows him and Scott hides behind a car. All I could hear was his heartbeat. It was beating louder then ever.

Soon a bunch of car alarms went off. Then Scott's phone rang. That's when Derek grabbed Scott, lifted him up, and slammed him on a car.

"You're dead," Derek says.

"What, what the hell was that?" Scott asks.

"Said I was going to teach you. I didn't say when."

"You scared the crap out of me."

"Not yet."

"Okay, but I was fast, right."

"Not fast enough."

"But, but the car alarm thing that was smart right?"

"Till your phone rang."

"Yeah, but that was, I mean. Would you just stop? Please? What happened the other night, Stiles's dad getting hurt, that was my fault. I should have been there to do something. I need you to reach me to control this."

"Look, I am what I am because of birth. You were bitten. Teaching someone who is bitten takes time. I don't even know if I can teach you. Its hard enough teaching Abigail."

"What do I have to do?"

"You have to get rid of distractions. You see this," Derek holds Scott's phone up showing a missed call from Allison. "This is why I caught you. You want me to teach you. Get rid of her."

"What, just because of her family?" Derek throws Scott's phone at the wall shattering it. "Wait, wait, whoa whoa."

"You getting angry? That's your first lesson. You want to learn how to control this, how to shift, you do it through anger, by tapping into a primal animal rage, and you can't do that with her around."

"I can get angry."

"Not angry enough. This is the only way that I can teach you. Now, can you stay away from her? At least until the full moon?"

"If that's what it takes."

"Do you want to live? Do you want to protect your friends? Yes or no?"

"Yes. If you can teach me, I can stay away from her."

After Scott and Derek are done talking Derek takes me home.

As I'm going up to my room I stop by Kate's room noticing her light was on.

I knock on the door.

"Come in."

"Abigail. Hey."

"Um can we talk about the alpha?"

"Close the door."

I do as she tells me and after I do so she pats the bed inviting me to sit.

"Its all I'm able to think about," I admit. "We need to figure out who this person is."

"I agree."

"Are you going to kill it."

"When I figure out who it is yes."

I sit there unable to say anything.

"What if its one of mine or Allison's friend. Or somebody we know very well."

"Abigail, I don't care if its one of my friends. The only way to stop this thing is to kill it."

"What if its me or Allison?"

"Sweetie... If it was you or Allison... You'd already be dead.


As I went to my room Kate went into Allison's room so since I had nothing else to do I listened to their conversation.

"Hey," Kate says.

"Hey," Allison says back.

"What's up?"

"Uh, nothing. Just doing homework, sending some emails."

"Emailing the boyfriend?"

"No. I'm emailing Peta about how my wing nut father gunned down an innocent mountain lion in the school parking lot."

"And that wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that you're grounded and can't see Scott?"

"I'm not gonna be one of those whining teenagers who looks at her father and says 'I hate you and wish you were dead.'"


"But I hate him and wish he were dead."

"See, now you're starting to sound like a normal angry teenager. What are you working on? Can I help?"

"Uh, a history project, and I just want to be left alone actually."

"Come on, what kind of history project?"

"I have to come up with a report that has some revelance to my own family history."

"Specific to your family?"

"Why? Do you have any ideas?"

"Type this in, 'La Bete du Gevaudan'"

I rush over to my computer and type in what she said.

"Its an old French legend that, believe it or not, has something to do with your family."

In 1766 in a province of Lozera, La Bete killed over a hundred people.

"Mysterious animal attacks, just like a certain town called Beacon Hills."

"So what was it? The animal?"

"Nobody knows for sure, but I can tell you one thing. It definitely wasn't a mountain lion. Whats it look like to you?"

"It looks like a wolf."

I look down at my laptop and Allison was right. Except this was bigger and reminded me of the alpha I saw the night I was bit.


Thanks for reading. Hope you like the story so far.

I don't own any of teen wolf by the way, just thought I'd let you know.

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