Chapter ten: raped

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After i made sure Roc ate i washed up in cold water.... I can't wait to get outta here and take the longest hottest shower ever, even though that may never happen. I gotta get back to my plan.

I walked into the basement in search of a charger. I checked the cabinets and under beds down there. I checked a closet and even a unlocked safe. Nothing.

Afterwords i went upstairs to one of those mans room than i did a little search. I found a bunch of chargers... But could one of them be a match to mine?"



It was one of those fags.

"Sorry... Lord of the fags, i was just looking for my friend Roc."

"Oh you're about to get a Roc......."

I felt for my life as he locked the doors leaving me in a corner.

"Please, whatever you're about to do please don't!" I begged shaking.

He grabbed a gun. Move and your life is over. So i just stood there.

He walked to me slowly and began to kiss me. I didn't kiss back until he bit my bottom lip leaving a sharp pain and the taste of blood.

Next he took my pants and boxers off and started to Stroke my manhood. "Oh my fuckin gosh, I'm just a little kid you messed up bastard." He ignored and began to suck me.

I had to do something, i smaked kicked and punched him but he was more powerful.

I wasn't that badly beaten but i laid lifelessly on the bed... I knew i was about to be raped weather it leaft me dead or alive.

He went in back, than inside of me pumping fast and rough, grabbing my manhood harder. It hurted but it felt kinda good.

But I kept my moans to myself, he wasn't bout to think i enjoyed getting raped by his ole stankin ass. I WASN'T ENJOYIN SHIT!

The sheets on the bed became wet and sticky and within thirty minutes of that shit my ass was all sore and bloody. It wasn't that long..... But thirty minutes is enough to scar me for life.



It's really nothing much to say... I'm incredibly bored.

So i got on my knees and prayed. »»»»I give up on life. I'm just going to die here. But Thanks for the incredible life... I-i love you so much Jesus! Today i pray for my mom, dad, Siblings, the rest of my family.... TM and the whole mindless family........ Prod, Ray, an-and Prince. I love them ALL keep them all alive for me..... Long after I'm gone! And uh one more thing... Please help these people be found. I've met every boy in this place, mean or nice i don't think none of them deserves this.««««

I rapped it up and headed towards the bathroom were i heard sniffing so i let myself in.

"Princeton, what's Wrong?" I asked as he was crying.

He took awhile to answer but when he did he said... "*Sniff, Sniff* i-i- I-i *Sniff, Sniff*

"Baby, What is it?" I know now is not the time, but you know.

"I-i just got my virginity taken."

I didn't know what to say. I felt like this was my fault.

"y-you were raped?"

"Yes! Dumb ass!" He continued to cry.

I wasn't shocked that he was still being mean to me wile he was sad but i don't understand what he's going threw right now so i don't mind.

"I'm sorry, This is all my fault."

"No." He shook his head. "Shut the fuck up! This is not your fault, or mines, or anyones"

"look baby...."

"STOP FUCKING CALLING ME THAT! DAMN!" He screamed and ran into our room.


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