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The following applies to any of the ED's that you decide to write about.

•Absolutely no triggering covers- ribs, thigh gaps, etc. are all not accepted. This campaign is here to provide safe, non-triggering books to read, and images of such things can be very triggering. If you have any questions about what would be acceptable, please PM me.

•No ED diaries. There is quite a vast array of them here on Wattpad, but they are also the opposite of what we're striving for with this project.

No romanticism. This is a big one. Eating Disorders are not just a 'temporary thing' that the popular girl develops to lose a few kilograms so that she can fit into her prom dress. Also, they don't get better the moment somebody pecks them on the cheek. They are serious medical problems, and mental illnesses, as which they should be portrayed as.

•If there are scenes that you think could be triggering, carry out a kind act, and add a trigger warning to that chapter/section. If you want to be really nice, add a little (non-triggering) description of what happened. This isn't required, just requested.

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