Poem: You and Me

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You and Me

Trees are Swaying
You lay down on grass
I hear the words your saying
While I drink water from my glass
A picnic we set on the mountain
As the sun shines like noon
On this lovely terrain
But I guess this is to soon
In the age of only three
When you came and talked to me
About the things that you love
And how you despised doves
At first I was scared and shy
Until you showed me the sky
I was nothing but a coward
When you showed me the side of a hero
When you talked about Howard
And when I showed you Leo
I just love the smile on your face
But, your boyfriend don't like me if that the case
When we became best of friends
I vowed to know my place until the end
Just by your side nothing more than that
I know and accept the fact
We walk down the streets of bay
I talked about love if I may
But, when I looked at you
Your face was nothing but blue
We reached a forest
With moss hanging from loss branches
I sit down beside a log
As we see a green frog
Hop around this paradise
I wish you had no more fights
No more screaming at night
You sat down and did the strangest thing
You had began to sing
A nice sweet tone that filled my head
With sugar sweet candy and fresh baked bread
I started to fall asleep
When I remember without a peep
The doctor said you had a disease
Cancer is what I see
I'm sorry you had to go
I lean my head on to your chest
I feel your heartbeat growing low
Sorry but it's for the best
I must try to let go
You fall back a little
As you gave me a small pat
I feel your hands start to brittle
As I grab to give your hat
You smiled as your song ended
You eyes start to blend
With the light from the Suns ray
As I begged for you to play
But it was already to late
I'm so ashamed of your mate
In the south the sun rises
In the beach the water flows
Your love smells like roses
I feel it when your close
You always told me to be brave
Yet I can't give what he gave
Love and grace in a box
Like how it once was you and Lux
I'm nothing but a companion to you
I sure wish that you knew
How I love to see you everyday
Walking down our normal ways
While you laugh and shake my hand
You heal my wounds with a band
When I got pricked with thorns
In the beautiful early morn
While you carry me with your friends
And talk about me till no end
When I fail to Impress Dad
Yet you cheer me up if sad
While I play and eat snow
That's when your tears start to showed
Every night I would lay awake
And ended up being late
I couldn't stand the loneliness of the room
Like I was the reason for your doom
So that the world would let us be
If it could be just you and me
Oh how.....
I wish I could be tall to reach a door
But, I'm just a dog who lies down on the floor

~ Sarah Foxy

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