Chapter One*

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Chapter One


"You can move willingly or I can move you forcefully." I said through gritted teeth. 

"Sweetheart, you're tiny. Do you honestly think that you could actually move me?" Aiden said with a confident smirk on his face. 

Striking a heated glare towards him I said, "I might be small, but I'm not that weak. In honestly you don't look so strong to begin with." Even with my insult his smirk didn't even falter a bit. 

"Why don't you try and find out?" He answered back. All I could do was take a few steps forward and hope that my eyes could shoot laser beams to melt his head. So how did I get into a standoff with the school's bad boy? Well it all started with a very dysfunctional morning. 

"Emma! Emma!" I heard my mother's voice yell through my shut door, but I just put a deaf ear to her voice and rolled over in my comfy yet warm bed. "Emma, its 8:10 and school starts in twenty minutes!" at the sound of that my eyes snapped open and I sat up in my bed or at least I tried to. 

I was so wrapped up in my blanket and sheets that I literally fell off the bed face first toward the cold hardwood floors. "Ouch." I groaned as I sat up still in the mix of sheets. I blinked a few times trying to think why I was out of bed again and then it hit me, school. "Crap!" I yelled standing up after I finally got unwrapped from the sheets. I sprinted to my en suite bathroom and took the quickest shower known to man. I was literally in and out of the shower in less than a minute. I brushed my teeth like I had super speed in my arm and sprinted out of the bathroom. 

I glanced towards my alarm clock on my nightstand, yeah the same one that failed to wake me up this morning. It read 8:15 am, fifteen minutes to go. I smirked to myself thinking I might actually make it on time, but we all know life isn't that fair. When I went to look in my closet to get some clothes to wear, all the junk I stuffed in there last night to clean my room came tumbling down on top of me.

I popped my head out of the pile and looked around. "Ahh, shit! I don't have time for this!" I stood up and grabbed a black t-shirt and a pair of jeans from the closet and slipped them on and grabbed my backpack sprinting out of my room. I ran so fast that I almost flew down the stairs, almost

When I went into the kitchen, before I could say anything my mother stuffed a piece of toast in my mouth. "Go, Amy is waiting for you outside. You have ten minutes before school starts." She said. I nodded and flew out of the front door to the silver Toyota Camry that was in my driveway. As soon as I got in the car, it was backing out of the driveway and on the main road before I could put on my seat belt. 

"If I'm late one more time because of you, I will burn your laptop." My best friend Amy said. 

The piece of toast I had in my mouth dropped to the floor. "You can't!" I demanded. 

"I can and I will." She said giving me a sharp look before glancing back to the road. 

"Well, step on it woman!" I literally yelled in her ear. 

"I am!" Amy yelled back. 

I looked at my phone, seven minutes before class starts. Amy pulled into Jefferson High's parking and into the first parking space she saw. As soon as the car was parked we sprinted into the building knowing that if we don't run we will actually be late. I glanced back to my phone, five more minutes before class starts. 

"Hurry!" I yelled at Amy who was trailing behind me. 

"I'm trying!" She yelled back. I glanced back to her to see how far she was behind me and before I could turn back and look where I was going I crashed into something hard that sent me flying to floor. 

"Ow." I said holding my head which hit the floor. 

"Emma!" Amy yelled. She grabbed my arm and helped me off the floor. "Are you okay?" She asked concern laced in her voice. 

"Yeah." I answered. "What the hell did I hit?" I asked and before Amy could answer a deep voice cut her off.

"Me." Said the deep voice, I glanced over and internally groaned. "Next time watch where you're going." He said brushing off the invisible dust on his white shirt. Yes, standing in front of me was none other than the school's bad boy, Aiden Black. A bit cliché, don't you think? 

"Sorry, I didn't know a cinder block was standing in my way." I said a bit too loud that Aiden heard. 

"Repeat that." He said and that's where my big mouth landed me now.

"Just move." I said. "I have no time for your childish tactics." 

"Like I have time for your own." He stated stuffing his hands in his dark jeans pockets. 

"Emma, three minutes." Amy whispered. "We really don't have time unless you want Mr. Gray to rip off our heads for being late." My hands formed into fists knowing that I had to walk away like a loser from this. Amy tugged on my arm signaling for us to go. 

I just glared at Aiden and his lips pulled to the side to form a smirk knowing that I was backing down. I walked past him, but stopped for a second right near his ear. "This is not over." I said. 

"Oh, I'm shaking with fear." I could hear the humor in his voice. 

A smirk formed on my own lips. "You should be." Was the last thing I said as I brushed past him allowing my shoulder to hit his own. 

"Are you crazy?" Amy asked as we sped walk into our first period classroom.

"Maybe." I said shrugging my shoulder as we took our seats in the middle of the classroom just as the bell rung. 

"You just declared war with the school's most fearful bad boy. You must be crazy, I think you hit your head a little bit too hard back there." 

"What's so scary about him?" I asked as I place my notebook on my desk. 

"Do you not hear rumors about his past?" 

"What past?" I asked clueless. 

Amy gapped at me incredulously. "Are you serious? You have been in this school for the past three soon to be four years and you still don't know?" I nodded. "Rumors have it that Aiden is a part of a massive drug ring and that he has been arrested numerous times because of it, but none of it show up on his record because his parents clear it up by using their major influence on our town."

"So, basically a rich kid acting out? I don't see the problem." I said biting the end of my pen. 

"Emma, he's dangerous. I also heard his friends Derek Smith and Matt Ryder are also a part of that ring."

"Boys will be boys." I said writing down the notes from the board that our math teacher, Mr. Gray, jotted down before officially starting class.

"They can take you out in one clean strike and not even take one glance back." 

"Scary." I said not really paying attention to her. 

"Emm-"Amy started to say but was cut off by our math teacher starting class.

I know she is trying to warn me about Aiden and his group. Honestly, I'm not scared at all. Bad boy or not, I will not let anyone walk all over me. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.


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