Chapter 6 : New kid on the block

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(A/N)   Hey guys thank you so much for voting and reading the story I hope you are enjoying it, but I have something kind of important to say, I am not going to use the lines from the movies like I usually do. I don't feel like re watching the movie every time I write, but I will put similar stuff but the same plot.......... Enjoy the story ( :

(Megan's P.O.V)

Only a week away from summer vacation, but I cant wait. I'm tired of going to school, waking up early, and dealing with Philips. Every single day that kid tries to hit on me, he gets me to the point that I just want to hurt him... Badly. I glance over at Benny, he notices me staring at him and smiles at me, and of course I smile back. Benny and I became friends again, even though I want to be more. But I don't want him to think I'm desperate or that I'm willing to jump back into a relationship with him, or anyone.

The bell rings I grab my binder and began to go to the door until Philips was in my way.

"Where you're going gorgeous?"

"You don't have to worry about." I said pushing him to the side and taking a step out.

He playfully chuckles and smacks my butt. I turn around quick, I felt so disturbed and disgusted that I could feel my checks go red. He then gets closer that his face is nearly four inches away from mine.

One of his friends yells out "Look she liked it! look at her face, she is blushing!"

Philip begins to lean in causing me to freeze, I didn't know what to do, all my muscles in my body shut down. Before his lips touched mine a hand grabs me and pulls my away. It was Ham.

"Leave her alone fart head!" Ham yelled.

"Shut up idiot! you're just mad because I stole her away from Benny!"

I rolled my eyes at the comment. Not that I don't find him attracting, I kind of do, but he is to big of an asshole to go out with. they continued to argue for a while now, so I just and they didn't notice or are. Once I got to the lunch room I saw a new face. A new kid? Why so late? or have he been here for awhile but I just haven't noticed him? I shook it off and went to get my lunch. I sat down at my usual seat and ate with my friends, and then I notice he was by himself, he definitely had to be new. I got up from the table in the middle of a conversation and walked to that kid. He seemed depressed, I sat down next to him and smiled softly at him, he smiles back.

"Hi! I'm Megan, What is your name?"

"I'm... I'm Scotty."

"Do you mind if I ask but are you new?"

"Yeah, my mom insisted on me going to school even though is almost over."

"Oh, Well I hope you enjoy this school, it does take a while to get used to it."

We both started to chuckle, and we were talking up a storm until Rachel and Santana got bored and decided to join us. Soon we were all talking and it turns out scotty is a real sweet innocent kid. It's ashamed people might bully him cause he is small. Soon the bell rung and we went to class, sadly I didn't have any classes with scotty.

Once Santana, Rachel, And I went to class I felt a pair of eyes on me but I couldn't see who it was. I sat down anyways and began to do the warm up until I felt gentle fingertips touch my shoulder. I turned around and found a beautiful pair of hazel eyes staring directly into mine.

"Hi Benny."

"Meg who was that kid that you were talking to in the lunch room?"

"He is the new kid. He is sweet, I hope you guys become friends."

Benny's face sighs in relief when I said 'new kid' I guess he is not over me either.

"Okay, I'll give him a shot." Benny said winking at me.


I turned back around and continued doing my work until I heard my teacher yell "You're late!" I snap my head up and see she is talking to Philip. Shocker.

"Well now I'm here." He stated trying to sound cool.

Mrs. Salonga rolled her eyes. "Take a seat."

He takes the seat right next to me. Great Benny is behind me and Philip is next to me, I am not going to pay attention at all during class.

"Hey gorgeous, Missed me?"

"Ugh you wish."

"You're right, I do!" He teased.

"Leave her alone!" Benny yelled causing everyone's attention  on us.

I put my head down, I couldn't deal with everyone's stares. Soon the room got quiet and their attention went back to Mrs. Salonga. I put my head back up and started to follow along with the lesson.

(Benny's P.O.V)

When she put her head down it was a sign of embarrassment, I felt bad so I had to apologize to her. I waited for her to put her head back up and for the teacher to stop looking at me.

When the right time came I leaned in and whispered into her ear. "Sorry for embarrassing you, I just wanted to protect you."

She turned around and flashed the beautiful smile I fell in love with. "It's fine, I know you would never do anything like that on purpose to me." and then she turned back around.

-After school.

(Benny's P.O.V  still.)

We were all at the sandlot, including the girls. We were having a really good time until an unexpected visitor came. Kenny pitched me the ball and I hit it as fast as I can it flew near the fence, I looked at Meg to see if she was impressed but she looked worried, I look around and see everyone is staring at the fence too. I look at the fence and see that boy Meg was talking to earlier. He was looking around for the ball until squints called out "We're waiting!" The kid hurried and grabbed the ball, when he threw the ball it went only 2 feet in front of him. Everyone started laughing, instead of Megan and me. I felt bad for that kid, but it looked like Megan was angry. Well not angry, more like... pissed. she glared at everyone.

"You guys are a bunch of jerks!" she yelled throwing her glove on the ground and walking out of the sandlot.

It became quiet, so quiet that you could here a pin drop on the floor. Everyone's face turned serious, they realized that they had messed up. Something told me I should go after her. I dropped the bat on the floor and grabbed her glove, and started running out the sandlot. When I finally caught up to her I could've seen the anger on her face. I handed her the glove and walked her to her house. Our walk was silent but it didn't bother me because I knew she wasn't mad at me. When we arrived at her house she gave me a quick hug goodbye and without any words she was in her house.

Instead of going back to the sandlot I decided  to go to my house and come up with a plan.

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