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"Fire and ice have always been natural enemies," a man began, watching as his jubilant four-year-old daughter squirmed excitedly under her blanket.
Little Evangeline could barely contain her excitement; her father worked long hours of the day, her greatest past time was when bedtime came and her daddy was home. Then, she would be able to hear his soothing voice explain exciting tales of magic and make believe. "Why do you believe this is...?" said Matthew, watching the girls face light up in awe. "Fire makes ice melt," the child nicknamed Elle answered with all of the logic a four-year-old child could muster.

Her father grinned. After a moment of silence, Matthew did not speak. He seemed far away, lost in deep thought. It seemed the young father did not wish to share this particular story with his only child. "Why are you quiet?" Elle asked. 

"Because this is a story that should be told to you when you're much older," Matthew answered, ruffling his daughter's thick dark hair upon her head. 

"But I am older."
He snorted. "You are, huh?"
"Yep. I'm older than yesterday!"

A low laugh escaped Matthew as he shook his head. "I suppose you are. Hmm. Alright, where was I?"
"Fire and ice don't like each other," said Elle, her eyes wide as she snuggled under her comforter for her story.

Her father nodded. "There are two kings, kiddo. One for the kingdom of fire, and one for the kingdom of ice. Each always believed themselves more powerful and useful than the other. One fine day a very long time ago, it was told that two descendants, one from fire, and one from ice, would come together to defeat a great evil."
"What kind of evil?" said little Elle, frowning.

"The type of evil that wants to enslave humanity as we know it," Matthew answered thoughtfully. "Gods and monsters who did not believe the human population should walk free of slavery. After Lucifer the archangel fell from Heaven, he attempted to rally the sons and daughters of the Titans - the Olympians - to battle over Earth to fight the creator of the universe for dominance. But, the creator deemed the few who chose to go against him as traitors, so, a great war was started. One between gods and titans, humans and monsters."
"What happened?" Elle inquired curiously. Her bright brown eyes were wide while she wriggling her toes in anticipation.

Matthew grinned. "The good guys won. The bad guys got their privileges revoked."
"What's that?"
"It means that all the bad monsters and titans that wished for the humans to suffer were punished. They were locked away in the center of the earth, abandoned by their worshipers, and their beloved city known as Atlantis was destroyed. A tidal wave was sent to destroy every last inch of the golden city into the deepest depths of the Ocean where even Poseidon himself could not resurrect the city."

"Then what happened?"
"Olympus was then placed on a large mountain smack between Heaven and Earth so there was no possible way the gods and monsters could abuse their powers again."
The child considered the story her father told. Her small nose wrinkled. "What's fire and ice got to do with anything?"

"One descendant from fire and one from ice were prophesied to make the two kingdoms come together to prevent another war from starting."

"Is Jack Frost one of those people?"
Matthew had started to pull himself off the bed and into a stretch before his daughter's question stopped him short. He slowly turned his head towards Elle, a horrified grimace upon his face. "Who told you that name??" he said in a whisper.

Little Evangeline tilted her head in confusion. The child could not understand why her father was no longer happy.
"Uncle Eros told me. He said he'll be my friend some day-"

"NEVER say that name again, do you understand me??" Matthew interrupted. His voice was low and angry sounding. He soon groaned into his hands as he shook his head. "I'm not mad sweetie, just don't say 'Jack' and 'Frost' in the same sentence again, okay??" His voice was pleading.

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