8. Promises and Heartache

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Update... finally present wala ;)

Okay guys those who said that the previous chapy was a little in rush and a lot of things remained untouched and ambiguous so for them I promise bonus chapies right after the story ends.... Inn Shaa Allah

All the minor details I skipped in the story will be there :)

Happy reading <3

Chapter # 8 Promises and heartache

Maha's POV

I let out a deep, long breath as I finally stopped and leaned in the couch with my gaze at her face; lost, cheeks soaking in tears, eyes bloodshot and lower lip rolled in between her teeth. It seemed she would anytime burst up in a loud sob and so it happened, a whimper escaped her lips she got up and almost ran towards the window and started breathing heavy between her tears as if her lungs failed to pump up any more oxygen.

For a few moments I just sat there looking at her, with a tear or two on my own cheeks but then I rubbed them away and walked up to her.


I touched her shoulder but she didn't respond... she couldn't. with the back of her hand she wiped her face but refused to look at me, I knew her since long, long enough to know her deep and well, I knew she hated to cry in front of anyone, in fact it was a rare occasion when Fariya Kareem cries.

"Come on Fariya! I didn't tell you all that so you can empty buckets here and make us all drown in the flood of your emotions" I tried to lighten the environment of my room which has lately become too stern and serious... very unusual.

"why didn't you tell me all this before?" she looked at me with complaint and raised my eyebrows.

"Before? But what good that would have brought to you?" I asked shrugging my shoulders and she helplessly heaved up a little sigh walking past me.

"At least I could hug him, now he isn't here, he is too far from me I can't even hold his hand and...

"hey hey hey! Hold on Miss hopeless Romantic!" I quickly tried to calm her ish down grabbing her arm and she looked at me as if God knows why I had stopped her.... "you are not going to hold his hands anyways... hugging Hussain bhai, would be a totally out of box thing Fariya! soch bhi mat"

I rolled my eyes at the end, considering her state dramatic and far fledged but she slowly smiled and reached for my hands. "I will" she stated all soft but firm looking into my eyes. "one day I will Maha! and trust me the day I will hold his hands, I won't allow a single tear in his eyes, not even a single bad memory will be able to haunt him then.... I promise you that"

Her eyes shinned and the smile so solemn and her words... honest and true.

But all that only gave me a shudder throughout my body and I pulled my hands out from her grip."Pagal ho gai ho kia Fariya! mazak ki hadd tak theek hea but now you have started to drag things too much. You are of my age girl! stop trying to ruin your life with all these useless thoughts" I jerked her holding her arms, the smile from her face faded as she blinked at me.

"Hussain bhai can not even think something like this in his right mind, I mean this is impossible and you are only hurting yourself. Stop this Fariya! stop hurting your self" I added further rather softly.

For a moment she just stared my face and then her expressions changed as if she got another point to blabber about her love. "Am not hurting myself Maha!" she stated and smiled as she took a step back.

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