What is DD/LG?

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DD/LG stands for Daddy Dom/Little Girl. There are many forms of DD/LG, which include CG/L (Caregiver/Little), MD/LB (Mommy Dom/Little Boy), DD/LG (Daddy Dom/Little Boy), and MD/LG (Mommy Dom/Little Girl). Contrary to popular belief, a DD/LG (or any other listed above) relationship DOES NOT promote or have anything to do with pedophilia.

A DD/LG relationship is a relationship in which one person (the dominant) takes on the role of a caregiver (usually referred to as "mommy" or "daddy", and the other person in the relationship (the submissive) engages in childlike behavior with their partner. Keep in mind, not all caregivers are identical to a boyfriend/girlfriend. Some caregivers purely want a DD/LG relationship where they can have either a caregiver or little, not a full-out committed relationship. The caregiver/daddy/mommy is the authority figure in the relationship, and can reward and punish the "little" (submissive) in the relationship for their actions. A little is a person above the age of childhood who chooses to still engage in childlike activities. The little in the relationship is usually expected to 0bey their caregiver (or disobey, depending on what kind of little they are), and to accept the consequences for their actions, good or bad.*

Age-Play is a very important part of the DD/LG dynamic. Age-Play is when a little slips into a headspace where they purely act like a baby/toddler/child without worrying about their young adult/adult life. Many littles dress up in clothes to make them appear younger, and some even use pacifiers and diapers as a part of their lifestyle. Most littles enjoy activities such as playing with stuffed animals, playing with toys for kids ages 1-10, coloring, playing with their caregiver, and just doing other things that children do! When littles feel exceptionally childlike, they enter a state of mind they call "Littlespace". Littlespace in when a little enjoys these activities more than usual, and resorts to childlike behavior/language. More information will come in later chapters about littles and caregivers, and the activities that you can do to make the most of your DD/LG relationship!

*Note: Keep in mind, CONSENT IS IMPORTANT. You and your caregiver/mommy/daddy or little need to talk out the details of what rewards/punishments are acceptable in the relationship, and which ones are not. NEVER let someone do something to you, or do something to someone if there is not agreement on BOTH sides. 

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