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Hello, I edited this chapter so there's no rape going on and later in the story things will fall in place. If you are triggered by rape or abuse, do not read this phanfic. If not, please enjoy. I'm sorry to everyone I've upset.

(So basically number 4 of the rules originally said 'you cannot say no when i am in the mood'. That upset people and yes, I understand. I never meant for this to happen. I actually would've never thought that ANYONE would read this story. So anygay, I changed it now.)

>•<Dan's POV>•<

"Here you go", Phil states handing me the paper he just wrote while I was waiting in anticipation.

Phil is someone I met online, soon I'll be calling him 'daddy'. My last daddy treaded me- well not the way he should. He thought he did me good when he hit' me in the bedroom and yes, I usually enjoyed that but he did it too hard until the point that he literally abused me.
Phil doesn't seem like a person who would abuse me, he doesn't even seem like a person who is into ddlb. And if he was, I would surely think he would be the little because he wears shirts with lots of colour and animals printed on it and he has stuffed lions like everywhere in the house. Little me secretly hopes they are all for me to play with.

I take the paper from him and starts reading it, turns out that I'll just have to tick off everything that I will be fine with if we ever did it.

What are you okay with?
Put a cross if you're not okay with it, tick it off of you are.


Being tied up




Fucking without stretching

Dirty talk

Being touched by me in public

Wearing butt plugs/vibrators during the day



Taking pictures of you when we're/you're busy so we can admire them later

Cuming on your face

If I'm going to add anything, I'll let you know.

I hand the paper back to Phil, stupidly smiling at it. To be honest, I can't wait for those things to happen to me.
Phil studies the paper and slowly, a smile crawls onto his face, the further he reads. "Great", he says smiling. Now let me copy the contract and then you can move in with me whenever you want," he faults the paper in two. "As soon as possible, I hope." I smile at him and he turns around, leaving the kitchen, where we were currently sitting, for a while to copy the contract. Just a minute later, he is back already. He hands me the contract, it's about how I don't have to work and I will be moving in with him and blah blah, I know how it works. After happily signing the papers and giving them back to Phil, I look up, put on my puppy eyes and ask: "Daddy?"

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