"I'm always here beside you.." He said which made you stop and he hugs you again but tightly. Its unusual.. Unusual.

"Huh.." Your smile disappears a s he said that all your burdened memories came back.

  All the pain you tried to cover all over and over. All those forced smiles, you hide everything to yourself. After all thinking those pains, you sacrificed. Sacrificed on hiding them everyday as you cry from your usual repeated routine.

"Its alright.." He started caressing your hair as you buried your face to his chest. Screaming in pain, screaming for help. That maybe someone will save you. From the darkness you and cage you hide.

   After all that, he's always been by your side. He tell you a lot of things to cheer you up. He was the first person who opened your broken heart. He found the key to open you up again.

"I met you.. In that park swinging alone." You said as you happily flashback the scene you remember. You don't know where and how but you felt that feeling. That feeling of seeing him somewhere. "I'm not so sure about that either.. But I just felt like I did." You chuckled to yourself as you remember those things.

  You didn't expected that, you didn't even realized. He was one of your best past memories. But you never meet him again, it was a coincidence seeing him here. Is it a destiny?

"Do you remember that?" He ask as you stop on your tracks. "Yup.. And this is where I met you." You run to the playground and he follows you with a small smile.

"So you did.." He mumble.

"We used to play this swings a lot, back then.." You smile. "Remember she I did the same as you did to me last time?"


"You actually copy me! He he got you!" You stick out your tongue and he sigh. "I didn't,"

"Well that doesn't matter anymore.. Cause you're here with me. Always here, even here," you pointed your heart as you face him. His eyes widen as you said that.

"That day when I met you.. I fall in love deeply.. Then, I forgot everything that I don't even keep the promise we made,"

"(First name)-chan.." He eyes soften. "We promised to be together.. Always. Smile. And.." You pause walk closer to him.

"Be together as girlfriend and boyfriend," you tip toed to kiss his lips but instead you kiss his cheeks.

His eyes were all widen and his face turn red as Karma's. Your lips curled into a smirk. "Are you expecting a kiss?" You turn your back and look up in the sky with the setting down for night.

"I like you since I met you.. You've remember that aren't you?" You hear him chuckle a smile curled your lips full of happiness.

"When you were about to approach me but then you slip into a banana.. Haha," he started giggling trying to stop his laugh then you turn around and puffed your cheeks.

"Not that!"

"Yeah, yeah, right,pfft," he started laughing which is unusual to see him like that.

But your eyes soften as you saw him being like that to you then all of a sudden. "OUCH!" you both heard someone in bushes the voice were kind of familiar to you.

You both walk and peek who was that then both of your eyes widen in a surprise seeing.. "Nakamura-san?! Karma-kun?! K-kayano?! What are you guys doing here?!" You shouted at them with an embarrassing look.

These three.. They sure are the perfect pair of stalkers who hoped for love.

Face palming you glance at Nagisa who seemed to be quiet and all red. "Nagisa-chan.. You weren't even answering or saying that 'I love you' to (last name)-san~," Karma teased as your eyes widen.

"Shut up you Karma no boke!" You punch his back as his bone jerked. "Ouch, (last name)-San!"

"Serves you right!" You stick out your tongue then hold Nagisa's hand. Nagisa looked up to you in surprise then you grin happily.

"Nagisa Shiota and (last name) (first name) are now official! So no more teasing!" You loud as ever you notice that some of the student in your class are also in the other bushes you felt your ears burning even your cheeks as you realise what you've said.

You were about to remove your hands to Nagisa but then he held your hand. He looks away and said, "...(first name) is mine so if who ever tried to steal her from me face me first." You're eyes widen in surprise.

"Hi~hi~ Nagisa-chan is being possessive!" Karma blurted teasing you've face palm.

When I met this blue-headed brat, I fall in love on his yandere side.

🐦The end🐦

I kinda feel that Nagisa will be mine in my dreams! He he 😆


Well anyway, Kayano will be perfect for him.. Ouch!😂. But I ship them!

Thank you for reading! Wait for the next lovey dovey on next update!
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