Chapter 5

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I put her down as we got downstairs. I laughed as she started playing with Teddy. I walked back to the living room and sat down again. I was focused on the match, Michael and Ashton were playing. I felt Izzy's hands pulling at my shirt, she said" daddy!" I smiled and still ignored her, seeing how long she'll keep messing with me, she huffed and jumped up, grabbing onto my shirt, she somehow pulled herself up on my chest, I laughed looking her, she said" bad!" She hit my chest with her small hands, I laughed saying" sorry princess." She smiled and snuggled into my chest, playing with my fingers that were lightly tickling her.
We're watching Lion King, Mikey is holding Izzy in his lap as they sat cuddled up on the floor. In front of the tv. I was quietly laughing at them, Calum accidentally laughed loudly, causing Izzy and Mikey's heads to whip back and glare at Calum, after a few seconds, they went back to the screen. Calum smiled and leaned back.
I'm giving Izzy a bath, she's giggling and yelling happily. I said" what are you doing?" She said" bath!" I just laughed, I got her out and wrapped her in a towel, I carried her to the nursery and changed her into pjs. I put her in the crib, I said" bedtime, Princess." She said" no sleepy." I said" how about, I sing you a song?" She nodded happily, she laid down and I wrapped her in a blanket. I sang"
I'm coming because I need to find you
Is anybody there who can rescue
Somebody like me?
'Cause I'm just waiting
For somebody like you
Somebody like you
Without you I'm a lost boy
Without you I'm a lost boy
Come find me I'm a lost boy
'Cause without you I'm a lost boy."
She was out like a light, I smiled and kissed her head, lightly. Then walked out, I couldn't stop the smile from my face. I walked downstairs to the boys, Calum said" screw you guys, I'm going to bed." We said" night, Cal." He mumbled" night." Then walked upstairs to his room. Soon, we all got tired and went up to bed, I peeked into Izzy's nursery. I saw she was still asleep, I closed it quietly, and then walked to my room, directly across from hers. I laid down and soon fell asleep.
I woke up to the cries of Izzy, she screamed" daddy!" I ran into her room and saw she was standing up, crying. I said" it's okay, Princess, it's okay." I walked to her and picked her up, I said" shh, it's okay." I rocked her slowly in my arms, humming Gotta get out I said" wanna sleep with daddy?" She nodded against my chest, I carried her back to my room and laid down, she curled up in my arms and sniffled, I mumbled" it's okay, daddy's got you, daddy's here." I wrapped my arms around her and covered her with a blanket, I watched as she slowly fell back to sleep. I kissed her head, then lightly wiped a tear from her cheek. I fell asleep.

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