Two Angels with Crossbows

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Amanda's POV

The world has gone to hell and there is nothing nobody can do about anything. Anyway, I'm on a hunting trip right now out in the woods. A minute later I heard branches snapping and leaves crunching. I decided to climb up a tree to my right. As soon as I got up to the branch I saw a guy come by the tree. Of course the branch i was standing on had snapped a little bit and his bright blue eyes stared right into my hazel ones.

"get down here". excuse me? Don't talk to me like that.
"excuse me? is that how you really talk to ladies?"
"just, ugh! please come down".

I finally decided that I should stop being rude and just go down and meet this hot southern man. As I got to the final branch, the branch snapped and I fell but i didn't land on the ground. I landed in the strangers arms. I looked up and wish I didn't. His eyes are just wow...

Daryl' POV

I watched her slowly climb down the tree. She has a nice butt and body. As she got to the last branch, it snapped and down she went. Right before she hit the ground, I caught her. She looked up and god I wish she hadn't. Her eyes are beautiful.

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