I Love You

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Justin took the phone from your hand and he saw the picture of you. He looked disappointed yet mad. He gave you your phone back.

J: Wow.

Y: Yeah, wow. I don't know what to do anymore. This website is now popular and everyone can see it and on top of that people will think I'm a sl**. This one website is gonna ruin my career forever.

J: No you won't. Your true fans will stick by you no matter what. That's what my beliebers do. After all those rumors on TV about me that wasn't true my beliebers still stuck by me. Yours will too.

Y: Thanks Justin you really know how to make someone feel better.

J: No problem. You should check your Twitter and see if they still have your back.

Y: Yeah I should.

You went on twitter and looked on your profile and noticed that you lost 1,000 followers. Then you decided to look through your feed and noticed some good things and some bad things.

J: What did your fans say?

Y: Well some called me a b**** and some called me a sl**.

J: Oh, we'll are there any fans that standing by you?

Y: Yeah some said that they'll stand by me forever and always and some said that that they don't believe what the website says.

J: See you still have tons of fans on your side.

Y: Yeah but I still lost 1,000 followers.

J: You still have 39 million followers.

Y: Yeah your right. Lets just not talk about this anymore. Lets talk about our date.

J: I'm still not telling you where we're going.

Y: Ugh! I hate you.

J: No you don't.

Y: Well right now I do.

J: No you don't. Speaking of our date we should get ready.

Y: Okay. What should I wear to this mystery date?

J: I already have your outfit on your bed.

Y: Thanks.

J: No problem. Now go get ready.

Y: Okay.

You got up off the couch and went up the stairs and when you walked in your room you saw the most beautiful sky blue dress and heels. You shut your room door shut and locked it. You went in your bathroom and took a shower. When you got out you put on your robe and came out the bathroom.

You headed to your dresser and started doing your makeup and hair which took you a while because you wanted this night to be perfect. When you were done you up on the dress and heels. When you came out your room you walked downstairs and saw Justin sitting on the couch waiting for you wearing a tux and holding a rose in his hand. He turned around and his jaw dropped when he first laid eyes on you.

J: Wow! You look beautiful.

Y: Thank you. You don't look bad yourself.

J: Yeah I know.

You both started laughing.

J: Here you go.

He gave you the rose that was in his hand.

Y: Thanks.

J: No problem. Shall we?

He gestured his hand towards me.

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