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Everyone please remember that there are going to be sexual scenes and cursing in this story. Thank you!:) I really hope you enjoy this, it's probably my favorite!

Chapter 1

It had been 1 year since they graduated college. Riley was a successful RN at Cook Children's Pediatric. She hadn't seen any of her friends, besides Maya when they all went their separate ways after high school. Maya worked at a museum, helping to restore paintings, mostly in the Russian turn of the century department but, she was hoping to move out of it soon. The group of 6 decided to meet 1 year after graduation at Topanga's, her mother's restaurant/bakery, and Farkle didn't let them forget it. Riley was hoping for Maya to get their first, so she would have someone easy to converse with. Or, if that backfired she was hoping that they met somewhere that served wine. She shook our her long curls, adjusted her black, flowy baby doll dress and jean jacket. Her long legs were shaking, she hadn't seen him since he left for Texas 5 years ago. But, a promise is a promise. There was no anger or resentment, she only hoped for the best for him. Hopefully he became a successful veterinarian like he had always wanted to. She played with the necklace she always hid that he gave her from several years ago, more like 7 years, it held his initial but whenever she was around other people she'd pull the L behind her. If people did ask, it meant L for love. The door jingled open and there she was. "Oh Maya, thank the Lord." Riley stood up and hugged her best friend.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, just nervous. I mean, we all randomly text every now and then but we haven't seen them in so long. It's awkward, and somehow you make everything easier." Maya sat in the seat beside her.

"Stop stressing out, they're our friends. Always have been and always will be."

"I know, and i'm hoping it can be that way. If everyone is still in New York maybe this can be more of a weekly thing. What are you doing after this?"

"Nothing. Why?"

"I was thinking maybe we can go to Limelight? After I see him, I may need a drink." She laughed and shook on it, when the door jingled again. Riley held her breath and closed her eyes, hoping it wasn't him.

"FARKLE! SMACKLE!" The girls stood up and gave them hugs. "What are you all doing now?" Maya questioned. Farkle cleared his throat.

"I'm head of Farkle International now, dad passed it down." Riley smiled.

"So, do you know what your father's business is about now?" Farkle looked up to the ceiling.

"No, not really. Something with stocks." The girls giggled.

"Smackle, what about you? What'd you major in?"

"Political Science. In a few years i'll be running for senator."

Maya's blue eyes widened. "Wow, that's incredible. You've got my vote." Riley's heart felt like it was going to burst out of her chest. After 10 more minutes of conversing and catching up, Farkle checked the time. "Where's the other two Farkle?"

"They said they'd be a little late, I suspect them any minute now." Smackle turned to face him.

"Why do you suspect that?" He pulled his phone out of his lap.

"They just texted me." Everyone rolled their eyes, same old Farkle. "Sweetheart, would you like a muffin?" Smackle agreed and Farkle left the table.

"Okay, so why didn't we know you two were dating?" The best friends glanced at each other and back at Smackle.

"I'm not quite sure, it's been almost 2 years. But, now that we've graduated and we're all living in the city maybe, we can do this more often. Are either of you seeing anyone?" Riley's heart stopped as the door jingled again and her former love walked through the door. Maya grasped her arm and pulled her out of the chair. "Isaiah, Lucas." Lucas' green eyes didn't leave Riley, and neither did the adorable smile on his face.

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