Short Story 1: Do you remember?

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I was muttering this words since I left the shopping centre. I was late seriously late!! I forgot chi Cheng wanna have dinner with me tonight. I'm sure he will be mad at me. This is all su xiomi's fault if he didn't asked me to go shopping with him this would not happen. That guy really annoys me. I don't know how yan yan can stay with him.

I was half walking n half running to the restaurant where we promise to meet. As soon as i arrived I saw chi Cheng was sitting alone at the table drinking wine.

" I'm late"

I was catching my breath immediately I'm sitting in front of him. He look at me with those scary eyes. Actually I'm really really scared right now from that look I knew he was really mad at me. When u live with this person for few years u knew from that look he is mad.

"sorry I was helping suxiaomi shopping for yanyan's birthday and I totally forgot our date tonight. That suxiaomi really annoying me he took really long time to chose gift for yanyan but at the end he only choose tie silly right? Hehe...ehemm" I was trying to laugh but stop.

I think from that look it is not funny at all. He just look at me n I felt his stare seriously make me wanna runaway n hide somewhere

"chi Cheng..say something.." there is silent for few seconds

"I'm hungry what u wanna eat?..waiters.." chi Cheng just said that few words and asking for waiters.

Huh?!! Just like that?? No scolding?? Weird..just now I'm sure he will scold me but..

So that night we have dinner n along that dinner we didn't talk at all I mean HE didn't talk. I try to have conversations with him an he just reply "hmmm..""ye..." "o..". N then we go home. Just like that. Weird..

From that night he didn't talk to me at all. He came home from work taking a bath, eating dinner then went to his office room no conversation with me. It have been 2 days he being like that. I'm seriously miserable right now it have happen before few years back but thnx to his jealousy to Wang zheng and We being an item again.

Jealous!!?? Huh?!! Maybe he is jealous with suXiaomi?? Impossible..impossible..suxiaomi is yanyan's why should he being jealous. Ughhh chi Cheng whats wrong with u?!!

I was staring at his office room for almost 10 minutes I gather my courage to knock the door


I open the door there he was in front of the laptop

"Chi cheng ahh..are u busy?" damm of course his busy u idiot


"chi long u wanna keep silent like this?" this guy!!!!


"chi cheng.." my voice half asking half pleading

"I'm tired" after saying that two words he close his laptop n went to bedroom

That guy...seriously..wtfffffff..

I went to the bedroom n saw him laying to his side n his back facing me. I'm seriously lost my temper.

"chi cheng ahh!! Why r u like this? Just tell me if u mad at me don't be like this. I'm sorry if I came late for our dinner that night but I don't think that was the reason. Chi cheng plezz talk to me."

"you don't remember at all??!" he moving his body facing me with his scary eyes looking at me.

He talk!!!!! Yess..err remember what?

"what I should remember?"

"...." he take a long deep breath before he talk

"wsw.." he wanna say something but the words didn't come out from his mouth n again he just laying on the bed n his back facing to me again

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