Chapter -10

My eyes met with my face on the mirror

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My eyes met with my face on the mirror. Everything was same about me. My brown hair, my height but what disturbed me was my eyes.

Starring into my eyes, I felt like a stranger because my eyes never looked like this.

My eyes were blue and I loved my eyes but now it was plain brown.

Thanks to Vitale, he made me were lens so that I could look different and no one would recognize me but it was a foolish thing to do because I still looked the same. My eye colour changed but everything was same.

If someone who knows me would bump into me then within a second they would recognize me.

By I didn't dare raising my voice.

I sighed as I looked at the clock on the wall. It read 2:15 pm. Agreeing with myself that I have enough time to rest, considering that the lady or guy who would dye my hair will come at 3, I decided to rest.

Yes. Vitale decided that he would change my hair colour also.

I even asked him if he was about to change my identity too but he replied with a roll of eyes and said to stop being dramatic.

To hell with it, if the only one who was dramatic, it was he.

But obviously I didn't say anything.

He probably was asking me to change my appearance so that no one would recognize me and he could save his ass.

But the way they all tensed when I asked why I had to do it, told me that it was more than that and George was about to say something but a glare from Vitale made him to shut up but I heard ,"Lucioso I guessed it had to do something with him.

I wanted to know what was really up but could not because as soon as Vitale told me that he would change my 'appearance' he locked me in this damn room making sure that I would not try to run away or even plan.

I heard some commotion near my room and stared at the door wondering if someone would enter.

The door to my room opened revealing a gorgeous woman. Her blonde hair was tied as a bun and her green eyes, that had a similarity to Vitale, roamed the whole room before landing at me.

She stared at me for sometime with curiosity. Her eyes went up and down as if she was judging me before meeting mine and she sent me a grin.

"Ciao, Dear."

Damn. She's Italian. Is everybody here Italian or something like that?

She probably realized what I was thinking as she said, "I am Vitale's sister, Maria."

I nodded my head and smiled shyly, "Hello."

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