Chapter 28: Almost Blown Out Of It

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The next day, I turned Scarlet in and she was out the school doors in handcuffs again. Her and Jett weren't here and I could survive the school hallways by myself, I've been doing that all by myself.

If they ever did get out, I would be their number one target, but I was ready. This school is pretty much messed up after I was through, but so was my friendship with my two closest friends.

I trusted no one but my family. I didn't need a crew by my side, I was okay rolling by myself. I wasn't a loner, but I decided to talk to more people even though I was popular anyway.

"No, no! You said that I was with Dean when I wasn't!!" Callie screeched as she got in Ali's face.

"The couple is broken up already??" I asked sarcastically.

Callie glared at me and continued screaming at her, "That was not true!"

"Everybody saw you two sucking faces, don't lie!" she yelled back.

I whispered in someone's ear, "I heard that she was going to his house at night with Irina."

The guy looked at me and told Ali, she had an angry look on her face, "You went with her to go to his house?! You two are disgusting, I can't even put with you guys!!" She sped down the hallway and I walked past her.

Since school was closing in a week and none of my 'bestfriends' are here, I decided to lay low. Half of the people in this hallway were looking at me like I was the main attraction.

One of them that annoyed the hell out of me was this guy with dark brown eyes and hair and I snapped, "What??"he looked surprised that I said anything.

"You're Autumn, right?"

"Yeah," he came towards me and he introduced himself, "I'm Jake, Jace's brother, you're the girl that keeps rejecting him?"


"Well, I can see why you keep on rejecting him, a cute girl like you doesn't deserve a man whore like him."

"Are you serious Jake?? You're my boyfriend!" a girl called from across aisle.

I rolled my eyes, "I guess man whores run in the family."

I went upstairs and saw a huge crowd gathered together. I got closer and it was a fight. Melina and Gloria were smacking the hell out of each other.

Oh right, I did tell everyone that Gloria was talking shit about her, I shrugged. I was over the fights and everything, but not really, eight people arrested and one person expelled from the school.

I caused a lot this school year and since next week is the last week of school, I had something planned for everyone and they had no idea, I turned the school upside down and I want to stick a fork in it.

A week later, "I heard Dean slept with Irina and Callie, but Tyler doesn't know about it, and Ali and Gloria wanted part of the tape they filmed," I whispered in someone's ear.

She glanced at me and told another girl and it ended up around the whole school.

"You're going out with a whore Tyler, what the hell, get that through your head, she doesn't care about you!" Tria yelled at him while he was holding Irina's hand.

"Ok, so I slept with Dean two days ago, it doesn't matter," she said.

He yanked his hand away from hers and sped down the hall. "You're disgusting, you don't do anything for him, I do!" Tria yelled at her.

She slapped her and they started fighting, Ali and Callie jumped in, fighting each other. Since there's a police office in the school, they heard what was going on, and they broke up the fight, putting them in handcuffs.

"Now that's eleven people arrested and one person expelled," I chuckled to myself quietly.

It wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be, but hey, I caused two huge riots and I was done with the drama.

For now.

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