Chapter 9

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"But I want to see you," Taehyung mumbled over the staticky line. Jungkook was much too sleepy to be feeling this much lust, and at such an early hour.

"I-I... literally just woke up," Jungkook whispered wearily, rolling over onto his side and smiling in realization that it was the weekend.

Jungkook ran a hand through his hair and smiled at Taehyung's frustrated sigh, because, why can't you FaceTime me right now?

It had been approximately two weeks since they first video chatted. They were definitely much closer now, and it seemed more natural; although, Jungkook maybe definitely still runs his blog, and definitely enjoys some smut every now and then, but Taehyung doesn't need to know this.

"I don't care, please," Taehyung pleaded, his voice raising at least 6 octaves at the end of his sentence, and Jungkook couldn't resist — not Taehyung, and not when he was practically begging to talk to him face-to-face.

Not when he had the mental image of Taehyung surrounded by fluffy pillows and wrapped in a giant blanket, smiling back at him through a screen.

This is Kim Taehyung, aka Strawberrytae, Jungkook's one and only love, we're talking about here.

And so obviously, Jungkook gave in, trying desperately to pat down his bed hair as Taehyung called him over FaceTime.

Taehyung was much more real when they were talking. It wasn't all dreamy and hazy as it was in Jungkook's mind. It was always messy hair and raspy voices, obnoxious laughter and skype calls at 5am, whispering about how pretty the sky was as the sun rose.

Taehyung seemed like the type of person who was almost always bored, and down to hang out even when nothing special was going on; something that the younger boy craved in a person. He wanted someone to enjoy comfortable silence and cuddles with, not having to care about flaws.

And there Taehyung was, trapped behind the thin glass of a phone and smiling sleepily at Jungkook as he flicked the hair from his eyes, and the younger boy could practically feel his chest tighten at the tasteful bit of collar bone that was peeking out from under Taehyung's crisp bed sheets.

"You look so cozy," Taehyung remarked with a cute smile.


2 hours and 27 minutes.

That was the amount of time that Jungkook and Taehyung had been on the phone, and if you asked the younger, it was pure bliss.

They talked about everything and nothing at all, something that Jungkook only did with Jimin, because who else would listen to him ramble about nonsense for hours?

Jungkook won't lie, he's had to pee for the past hour, but it's just not worth it. He doesn't need Taehyung hearing him, and leaving just isn't part of the plan, even if it's for a few minutes.

And nervously drinking those two whole bottles of water between awkward silences just so that he felt busy, was a horrible idea, he'd come to realize, eyeing his bathroom from across the hall.

But he can't miss a second of this, not when Taehyung is mindlessly singing in that soft voice of his that has Jungkook practically dead.

Not when he's being all cute and grumpy with Yoongi, who's clearly in a bad mood today — or maybe that was his only mood, Jungkook wasn't sure. He took note anyway, because, Jimin would die.

Jungkook smiled at Taehyung's dramatic voice, yelling at Yoongi in the background. He'd secretly wished that him and Jimin could be the same way, hanging out in person and bugging each other constantly.

"I don't need you anyway," Taehyung grumbled, voice suddenly closer to the receiver.

"At least I have Jungkook," he remarked, Yoongi's voice distant and inaudible, probably mumbling something vulgar, which Jungkook's little ears did not need to hear.

But who cares what he was saying anyway, because did Jungkook hear correctly?

"h-huh?" Jungkook whispered, heart beating faster than it should, and is this nervous sweat or my tears?

Taehyung laughed, a rustling on the other end of the line, making Jungkook's ear drums hurt. He sighed, because why did he have it on such a high volume?

"Yoongi hates me," Jungkook could almost hear the grin on his face, and wished he could see it for himself, and maybe take a couple hundred screenshots for safekeeping.

"But you're all I need anyway."

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