Chapter 1

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It is sort of like OVA 5

Mira's pov

I woke up the sun in my face. I walked out of my bed and put on my slippers. I walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth and take a bath. While I was brushing my teeth I turned on the water to start my bath. After I was done brushing my teeth I took off my clothes and began to take a bath. After I was done I walked out of the bath took my clothes and put on my pink dress. I walked out of my house before Lisanna and Elfman did because I always leave before them. I got to the guild before anyone else. I decided to wash some of the plates and clean around. When I finally finished I was bored so I walked upstairs. I saw a door cracked opened. I was about to walk in until I heard Master saying....

Master: But, we have to.

Laxus: Why!!!

Master: Because she is the 1st head master.

Laxus: Fine

Mavis: Yeah!!!

I was listening very carefully, but I listened so carefully I opened the door a bit.

Laxus: What was that?

Master: Who is it?!

Mavis: Ahhh I am scared

Master: Come out or I will hurt you.

Mira: Wait no don't!

Laxus: Mira?? What are you doing here?

Mira: I am always here early. I should leave now. Bye

Master: Wait no don't. I don't mind if you are listening

Mira: Okay

We talked for a while until an idea popped in my head. *evil smirk*

Mira: Master?

Master: Yes what is it?

Mira: Can I take some of the guild on a vacation. Please

Master: Well only for 1 day Okay.

Mira: Okay!!

Master: I will keep you in charge of everything

Mira: That's perfect.

*Mira' head*

Hehehe I am going to bring my favorite ships to this trip. And then at the end of the trip all of my ships will be together hehehehe.

I left the room and made a call so I can reserve tickets for the train.

10 minutes later

The room was filled with people. When everyone was finally here stood on a table and yelled

Mira: Everyone listen up. Master and Laxus are gone so he left me in charge okay.

Everyone: Aye.

Mira: I will be leaving soon so I am leaving Freed in charge while I am gone. Is that clear.

Everyone: Crystal.

I was going to walk up to where Erza was but all of a sudden Natsu and Gray began to fight.

Gray: What's your problem flame brain.

Natsu: Do you want to go ice boy.

Gray: Bring

All of a sudden they started to fight and then Elfman got into then all the guys in Fairy Tail got into it. While everyone was fighting Erza was eating a strawberry cake that she just bought. But some idoit made her drop it and then someone one walked all over it. Erza was just sitting there staring at her crushed cake. And then she got up walked slowly up to all the boys with her red piercing eyes.

Erza: Requip!!! Black Wing Armor

All the guys just turned around and stared at Erza with fear in their eyes. She puled out her sword and then right there all the guys began to ran . But Erza knocked them all out in 2 seconds. The only one left was Natsu. Erza turned around. Nastu opened the door and yelled..

Natsu: I am free!!!I lived!!!

But before he could walk out Erza grabbed him by his feet and dragged him across the floor. You could hear Natsu's nails scratching on the floor trying to stop her from pulling him but she was too strong. Next thing you know it Natsu was knocked out. I looked at Erza who seemed satisfied with herself. She sat back down and began to talk to her friends.

Levy: Was that really worth it.

Lucy: They deserve it .

Erza: See Lucy understands.

Wendy: Should I go heal them.

Erza: No

Juvia: Why did Erza-san have to hurt Gray-sama.

Erza: He was the cause of the fight

Juvia: Well at least Juvia knows who are not a love rival.

1 hour later

All the guys were conscious again and everything went back to normal.

Mira: Hey guys. Guess where we are going.

All the important people in Fairy Tail: Where?!

Mira: We are going to Ryuzetsu Land.

All the important people in Fairy Tail: Yeah!!

Mira: We are going right now and I have your train tickets so lets go.

All the important people in Fairy Tail: Aye sir!!

Mira: But I invited some other people. They are outside right now so lets not keep them waiting.

Everyone walked out to see Rogue, Sting, Yukino, Lyon, Meredy, Bacchus and Kagura.

Natsu: Hey Sting!!

Sting: Hey Natsu long time no see.

Gajeel: Sup

Rogue: Gajeel.

Yukino: Hello Lucy it's great to see you again.

Lucy: It's great to see you to.

Lyon: Gray

Gray: Lyon

Meredy: I missed you so much Juvia!

Juvia: We have a lot to catch up on.

Cana: I will beat you next time

Bacchus: Do you really think so.

Erza: Kagura I missed you so much. My little sister.

Kagura just turns her head blushing.

I looked at my watch and yelled...

Mira: O my gosh we have 5 minutes to make it to our train or we will be late.

We all started to run to the train like never before.

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