Peeta~Train Talk Part 2

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The next couple days fly by. I have been training everyday and I have discovered that I am pretty good at throwing knives. Peeta of course has been stuck to my side since that night on the train. We haven't kissed since then but there has been heavy flirting. 

I throw another knife, it soars across the room until it slams into my targets forehead. 

"Well well (Y/N) you're really shaping up" Cato smirks. He has been teasing me every since I got here. 

"Yeah, looks like you might have some competition" I say, I don't even look at him. I just let another knife fly into the target. 

Cato laughs at my comment and begins to speak, "Well careers may just surprise everyone and have the girl from 12 in their pack", Cato walks away. 

"What'd he want?" Peeta asks. 

"Me to join the career pack" I turn to look at Peeta, he has a nervous look on his face. 

"What's wrong?" I ask. 

"I'm just a little nervous for the interview tonight. I have to confess something and it's making me a little antsy" Peeta stated. 

"Well do you mean what you have to say?" I ask.

"Yes" Peeta says, without hesitation. 

"Then it will be fine! you'll do great, plus who wouldn't love you out there, the capitol is obsessed" I laugh. 

"Yeah, not as much as they are with you. The girl who volunteered for a stranger, then ends up being a total bad ass during training." 

"That's me" I shrug my shoulders with a smirk. 

Peeta and I leave the training center to go back to our room to get ready for the interview. 

Peeta heads to his room, as I head to mine. After several hours, I am finally ready for my interview. 

I walk towards Peeta, who is waiting behind stage. 

"So, what do ya think?" I spin around to show him my whole look.

"Wow" Peeta looks stunned at my outfit. 

I am dressed in a full length dark red dress, when I spin, black swirls around the dress while I move. My long brown hair was curled to the side. I had asked to look like myself so I was wearing minimal makeup. 

"Peeta Mellark" Caesar calls out. 

"Go" I smile and push Peeta towards the stage. "Good luck" is the last thing I say to him. 

Peeta was very polite and charming throughout the interview.

"So any lucky girl back at home?" Caesar asks.

"Well I'm not sure if shes interested anymore." Peeta says sadly. 

I think I can feel my heart shatter into thousands of pieces.

"Well you'll just have to win and come home and sweep her off her feet" Caesar has a grin plastered on his face. 

"Well that's the thing, if I win, that means the love of my life is dead." Peeta looks completely lost. 

"So it's (Y/N) I assume?" Caesar asks. 

The crowd all gasps at the idea. 

"Yeah, it's (Y/N)" Peeta smiles and looks offstage, at me. 

I don't care about people telling me to stay back, I need to see him now. I run onto the stage, Peeta stands up as I walk on the stage. 

"(Y/N)" Peeta says. 

I don't respond to Peeta. I pull him into a kiss in front of the camera. He wraps his arms around my waist as I put my arms around his neck. 

"(Y/N) (Y/LN) everybody" Caesar claps, along with the audience. 

I pull away from Peeta and put my neck into his shoulder, to hide from the cameras for a second. We both start laughing at what we just did in front of thousands of people.   

After the kiss, Caesar moves onto my interview. Peeta stays for it chiming in on certain things. Finally, the interview is over. The only bad thing about it being over is that means the games begin tomorrow. And I finally have the love of my life. Now we have to die. 

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